Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Is it possible to get an IMEI number from that phone batch to check compatibility ?

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I assume this is the g955u specifically, not any of these :
For some reason your phones are never compatible with Republic Wireless. :frowning:

Is this compatible with the verizon network?

Verizon is CDMA so yes, it will work.

Is this phone compatable with the Verizon wireless network?


Sorry, we’re unable to fulfill this wish.

Is this compatible with Virgin? Also, it says “scratch and dent,” is it still waterproof? Warranty?

Hi there. We list warranties at the end of the features. This has a 90-day woot warranty.

GSM & CDMA covers just about all US networks so yes, Virgin should be fine.

Checking on waterproof.

UPDATE: It will be waterproof

FYI - bought one last time around a few months ago and I had to HUNT to find the scratch/dent on the one they sent me. And with a case you’d never know it was there at all. I read similar things from previous buyers, just wanted to confirm that at least some may as well have been sold as ‘new’.

Does this have dual SIM card slots?

It does not. Sorry.

So presumably it does not have an SD slot either. Would that be correct?

Is there free return shipping within 30 days for prime members

Google has instructions for how to insert/remove so I’m guessing it does.

If these don’t sell out will they be available Friday for purchase still? I dont get my pay check till tomorrow night at midnight eastern time

Sorry, this is our daily sale which means it runs 24 hours. This sale will end at midnight CT.

Is there free returns within 30 days

Yes. Here’s our return policy.