Samsung Galaxy View 18" Large-Display Tablet

Samsung Galaxy View 18" Large-Display Tablet

Just to let everyone know, the stand on this does not fold. It is solid and fixed in position. It’s good for standing it up, but it can never properly lay flat, and you would have a hard time putting this in a bag.

For most who want a tablet of this size, that’s not so much of an issue, but for some it may be a dealbreaker, so I wanted folks to be aware of that.


This is a 5 year old tablet for $300? um…


I saw this as a great device for my elderly father as we were talking about him getting a Surface but he felt they were too small. I went looking for a review

and they also complained about the kickstand but in the comments a couple owners pointed out that the kickstand comes right off.
This is a great price for this model even if it’s 5 years old, other people are selling them for twice as much, must be because there are so few really big tablets.
The View2 came out this year and is 17.3" and seems to run around $700

And unless Samsung has upgraded it significantly, there are very, very few apps that will now run on Android 5.1. All the major apps would require a minimum of Android 7 and even those are getting fewer every day.


Can you name a few? I have an Android 6 tablet that runs everything my Samsung S9 (android 9) does… The only time I ever had a problem is my old Android car radio (4.4) it only runs about 70% of my apps.
(I’m in IT, so my RD client, OBD scanner, audio players, security cameras, home automation apps, finances, and even quite a few games, not to mention hulu and netflix and other popular apps.)

But it does make me wonder if anyone has hacked Lineage onto one yet.

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This was my complaint, the stand comes off easy, but the back isn’t flat, there is a pretty large bump (so not sure about mounting in a car or on a wall). It is a large screen and the octocore is pretty quick, also a fair amount of storage. My job is buying some for our warehouse and I can get them for $200, I was thinking about getting a few just because they are still getting like $275 on ebay.

Horrible reviews, apparently there are lots of problems with the screen. Plus, Android. ‘nuff said.

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Just wondering how long they’ll continue to get security updates. A year and a half?

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Looks like this can be updated to LineageOS 15.1 ( Android 8.1 Oreo) , which should make it MUCH more usable…


I’ve had mine for over a year(bought it new for $400) - no problems and works great for streaming apps. I love it.

Where are the bad reviews, just googled model number and:
4.3 out of 489 on amazon
4.7 out of 249 on samsung
4.6 out of 960 on bestbuy
4.5 out of 271 on bhphotovideo
4.8 out of 78 on ebay

Is there a warranty on this?

But this Samsung unit only has 2GB of RAM, and that is cutting it kinda close for any recent Linage install. I would not bother, just my opinion.

I have two of these: one in black and one in white. The stand has a built in handle. I put a J-hook on the wall and hung this tablet on it right above my treadmill and use it with walking/running apps like Bitgym and other scenic videos. It’s great for that purpose. I have an exercise bike in another room with a laptop desk and stand the other one on it and use Bitgym and other fitness apps with it as well. It can be a little sluggish at times but it works well for what I need it for.

I don’t know why they don’t put video inputs on these so at least they can double as portable displays once the OS is outdated and unusable.

I just checked my Samsung 12" Tablet I got here whenever, 4 years or so ago for I think maybe almost twice this price? It is Android 5.0.1 and it does everything I need so this will be even a slight step up for me! Mainly I’m looking forward to years of Kindle with large print and big pages.

Mine arrived today. The screen is smashed to smithereens. Very disappointed in the packing, just a couple of layers of bubble wrap around it, and not enough even to fill the box so it could shift around inside. Even the case has a big crack.

I sent a note to support. Hope they can replace it. I’d rather a replacement than a refund.