Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm, Black

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm, Black

Lots of footnotes mentioned in the description, but none provided? [1] … [5] that I saw.

Hi there. Found 'em at the bottom of this page:

Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm), Aqua Black (Bluetooth) Wearables - SM-R820NZKAXAR | Samsung US

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OK…TWO BIG questions!!!
#1- Is this an LTE watch? So it DOES have the cell option and is NOT WI-FI only? Is it open to all carriers?

#2- It mentions in the description it is the “Under Armor” edition…Is that right? I looked up the model number and it does not show it that I can find!!!

#1 is the MOST important question…

Looks like Bluetooth only.

Yup! And NOT the Under Armor edition! Too bad Woot uses STOCK descriptions to describe their product…he order I placed NINE minutes ago I hope they can cancel as the listing info is not accurate! If it said “Bluetooth ONLY” I could see that…but with the description showing “LTE” AND UNDER ARMOR…that is pretty poor!

Did you try cancelling it yourself? You still have time to do so.

Hi there. We’ve updated the listing to call out that it’s Bluetooth. You can self-cancel in the first two hours after you order if you wish. Go to your order history.

The model numbers in the drop down are correct for the BT model.

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Hmmmm. $40 cheaper than the one I bought two weeks ago. Gonna have to return and order this one.

I used the “cancel order” and it gave me the message that it “may be past the point of return”…I mean I know you guys are FAST but wow…I have not checked my email to see if they have responded…
It’s a GREAT price! Just not the unit I need…