Samsung ProXpress 38PPM Laser Printer

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Samsung ProXpress 38PPM Laser Printer
Price: $114.99
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Product Page

38 PPM! I want to print just to watch it send pages flying.

Looking at this for home use.

Can I connect to it wirelessly from my laptop? And do laser printers come with an initial toner cartridge?

is this work on 220v outlet?

no wireless built-in. you could get an inexpensive wireless print server to make it wireless. I have used one at home before. they are not difficult to set up. most printers come with a starter toner cart - it usually has about half the capacity of a regular refill.

Does not appear to be a color laser printer. Rats.

I would like to know if there is toner that’s included?

the box:
•Samsung SL-M3820ND/XAA ProXpress 38 Page-Per-Minute Laser Printer
•Power Cable
•USB Cable

This printer is not color and does not have WiFi and is more expensive than several other Samsung lasers available today at amazon. The only thing going for this printer is 38ppm. No bargain here…

We didn’t get a sample to check but most new laser printers come with a starter cartridge.

UPDATE: confirmed that it has a starter cartridge.

I have the model bellow this without that fancy paper feeder.

Does come with Toner and I think it even was a full cartridge and not a starter cartridge, but if the woot staff says its a starter cartridge go with that.

It doesn’t come with a USB cable, but this is a network printer so hook it up to your network with Ethernet.

It prints fast and double sided. Very good home network printer after you tweak some of the annoying Samsung settings like print two pages on one sheet of paper.

For the person who asked if this works on 220V, No it is 120 only. You have to replace all of the fuser components to change that… Go find a 220V printer in the first place if you need that.

I bought a Samsung b&w laser printer in 2009 that looks like it was an earlier version of this. I absolutely LOVED it. It printed fast and clear and was very reliable. Unlike the several ink jets I have owned, I printed THOUSANDS of times. I think the replacement for the toner was about $80, so I haven’t done that yet. This was my default printer, and then I had an inkjet for color jobs.
I would say the only downside was the somewhat larger size. If that isn’t an issue for you, buy this!
(I know this is based on another model, but it looked just like this, so I figure it is similar - they could have gotten cheaper and shipped it with a “starter” cartridge…).

It does have a duplexer though, which is unusual for a printer in this price range. The printing speed is fantastic too. This is really for a busy office or storefront that prints out their receipts.