Samsung SSC12 12" B/W Surveillance System


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Samsung SSC12 Surveillance System with 3 Cameras
Watch the threat level outside change colors—in black-and-white
$99.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Another year ends! Another year begins! This Friday night, your friends and neighbors will ring in 2005 with buckets of champagne, festively conical headgear, and boozy kisses at midnight. Amid the warm camaraderie of good companions, the brand-new year will glisten with fresh possibility.

For them. You’ll be where you usually are: watching from the shadows, watching, always watching. Their laughter burns your ears like acid. Every warm wish exchanged between them freezes another little part of your heart. But they will get their comeuppance. You know their weaknesses. You’ve seen them at their worst. When they expose their soft underbellies, you’ll strike with a rage that will make them all sorry for the way they’ve treated you.

Stoke your revenge fantasies with greater fidelity and detail than ever before with this versatile 3 Camera Observation System, by Samsung. No brand says “I’m a volatile, desperate misfit who sees you in the shower” like Samsung. How can you keep your home and its least crummy contents safe from shifty neighbors, thieves, vandals, John Ashcroft, Islamic jihadists, Mormons and wild dogs? Yes, this Surveillance System is the answer there too, by Samsung.

The two-way audio on the trio of weather-resistant cameras helps you compile incriminating conversations and trigger post-hypnotic suggestions. Watch unwanted visitors squirm (in “professional grade” black and white) while you interrogate them like the great and powerful Oz.

Each camera features a 3.8mm lens and works in low light all the way down to .1 lux. How, you ask? Well, when it gets that dark, the camera just makes de-lux accommodations. Ha! Ha! Oh, buzz off.

note: conspicuous use may actually increase your risk of burglary by giving thieves the impression that you own something worth stealing.

12” B/W Monitor – monitor up to four cameras at a time using patented “Grainy-Blurry-O-Vision” technology

Cameras – 270,000 pixel, 1/3” CCD, .1 lux, 3.8mm lens

Three weather resistant cameras for inside/outside use

The next fratboy who pees on your car is sooooo busted

Output for connecting to alarm system

VCR outputs for connection to a time-lapse VCR or DVR

Not compatible with the miraculous X-10, that palm-sized wonder camera that all the best pop-up ads are buzzing about

Includes three 60’ Camera Connection Cables in various flavors, including Tangerine Blast, Kiwi Strawberry Storm, and Apple Melon Fury

Integrated 4 Camera Switcher with Variable Dwell, which must sound very impressive to at least a few of you

Switcher allows displays at intervals up to 90 seconds apart

Two-Way Audio includes microphone and speaker on cameras

Cameras are powered through the cable, simply plug and play

Monitor has front mounted controls and speaker for easy desktop control and custom installation options

Chicks love a guy with lots of video cameras mounted all over the place

Factory Refurbished to new specs/condition in retail packaging, 90 day warranty





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Surveillance system!
No more use for my doggie
or his new dog dish. :?


Better than last night… if this was new id be in but this is refurb




first page? woot!!




In the house.


is suckynes now :twisted: :twisted:


page 1!




Wow, my friend that manages a 7-11 is sure going to be mad when I show him my new system.

Maybe I can use it to help monitor the fridge/family diet that we are starting in 2005.

I would love this if I didn’t need to run a bunch of wires. Actually have/love X10 system. Use for a baby monitor and more…


woot the f


let me set these survelience cameras up so I can see a decent woot comming. Because comming here everyday for this crap is getting tiring. :smiley: