Samsung Ultra HD Streaming Blu-ray Player

The good folks on the Woot support line sent me this link for this unit’s manual:

Thanks Woot!

YAY! Our CS rocks!

Wooted this late last week and it showed up today. So far so good. I haven’t run any 4k content through it but regular HD streaming and Blu-Ray content looks great.

Even ignoring the 4k capability, this is already a clear upgrade from my previous Samsung Blu-Ray player (BD-JM51) as this one adds flexibility to change the streaming apps, and an LED indicator so I can actually tell if it’s powered on without switching the TV/receiver to Blu-Ray mode.

The remote looks slick but I’m not sure if I like it. It’s smaller and sleeker than what I’m used to, and takes a coin shaped lithium battery instead of AAs or AAAs. But the buttons are a little too tightly spaced and I find myself bumping the wrong button. Maybe I’ll get used to it or maybe I’ll just use the Harmony remote instead.

At any rate, Woot’s price is pretty darn good and I’m tempted to pick up another one because I don’t see any UHD/4K Blu-Ray players with great reviews anywhere close to this price point.