Sandisk Clip 1GB MP3 Player

is this compatible with my sansa?

… here comes Sansa Claus… here comes Sansa Claus… right down Sansa Claus lane…

This time I want that lego guy!

Sneaky, putting the Lego Star Wars dood in there.


looks liek junk


starts around $20

inb4- nevermind…

NICE!! Music you can carry with you.

:confused: seriously?

I have one of these and I can honestly say that it’s awesome. Fuck Ipods. Sansa is great, this little MP3 player is great, you should buy one, and I’m not just saying that to move the woot along.

got the 4gb one in september and I LOVE IT, great for the gym or when you don’t wanna carry around your I touch,

Disposable at this price!

Great gift!

ahhhhh… it was only a matter of time… ugh… here come the USB goodies and other various carp

Sanity Clause

It’s pretty basic and works great. The clip broke after a few months.

Ah the old stalwart of the woot off. Makes me feel all warm inside, like rising bile.

30 dollars on Amazon, 19 on tiger direct

Looks like a decent Christmas present for people you don’t care too much about. Stocking stuffing perhaps.

I love these things. In for 3 stocking stuffers.

these make the greatest gifts–thanks, woot! in for three, as always… <=)