Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifier

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Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifier
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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At least it’s not refurbished!

How do you wash Air?

Ah good, didn’t miss anything while I got my first blissfully decent night of sleep in days.

Anyone know how well this works for dust allergies?

To bad this can’t clean the crappy crap out of the woot off.

I bought one of these last time it was featured on Woot. I have it in my bedroom and I think it definitely helps with my dust allergies. I have it on constantly and I need to refill the resevoir about once every two weeks.

Bought another 2 - love the automatic setting, does a pretty good job. Well worth the $99.

Dang! Do I keep my oral surgeon appt. and get this painful abscesses tooth removed, or suffer for a few more weeks until I can get another appt. so I can follow the Wootoff? Decisions, decisions!

I have a hard time believing the filter will last 4 years…

I was wondering the same thing.

Paper towel tube stuffed with drier sheets…goddamn that’s genius!

I’m not certain how it is done; but I believe it involves robes, martial arts, and meditation.

I just got this from Amazon’s main site couple weeks back (99.99) w/ FS.

It works great and yes does help dust allergies. Me and my wife have noticed improvement in our allergies.

We like hearing a fan while sleeping and we replaced a box fan with this guy and it works great (and looks much better!)

We do run it on high during the night and at high it is pretty laud. (which we like since we like the fan noise)