Saxon Brown - Four Pack

Discrepancy with the title ‘Four Pack’ and the number of wines in the ‘product’ section. But darn this is very tmepting, I don’t think I’ve ever had a syrah rose, anyone else here have and share any thoughts?

Yes! The Sémillon. And mmm Rosé

Saxon Brown - Four Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red, White
2 2007 Sémillon
2 2006 Syrah Rosé

Links are to CellarTracker.

The math needs some fixin’. Four pack with one of these and one of those?


Stupid mill…

I have a french one (2007 Verget du Sud Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Rosé de Syrah), that is okay, but nothing spectacular.

2006 Syrah Rose
2006 Semillon Cricket Creek (The Communicator)

EDIT - The 2007 Semmi isn’t on the website.

I’ve had lots of dry Pinot Noir rose. I’d be interested in hearing at what temperature the Syrah Rose is recommended for optimum quaffing?

I’m in for these! can’t wait to try the Syrah Rose.

Since you beat Cor to the punch…make sure you follow through fully and get those CT links in there.

And I quite properly succeeded in NOT buying the first offer. And I’m 99% sure I’ll be able to hold off on this one too.


Any labrats for this?

I have had Moon Mountain’s Syrah Rose ($20 Price point), and it is excellent. Very good, very dry. The only Semillon I have had is from Distefano in Washington; also very good.

Spent a bunch on wine already this month, with 2 club shipments, the Dry Creek reds, and a trip to Southern Illinois wine country (surprisingly good- anyone else been there?), although I am quite tempted here, I’ll probably have to give it the miss.

sigh Responsibilities…Bills…grumblegrumble…

yes! ME!!! well, sort of: i’ll rebel-rat the Semillon (which has been sitting in my cellar for the last couple of months) tomorrow evening.

EDIT: DAMN!!! never mind. just noticed that the Semillon Jeff is offering here is from the same vintage but a different vineyard. DOUBLE DAMN!!!

The original Saxon Brown offering was one of my first wine.woots and still one of my favorites: I was in for 3 of the reds as soon as I saw them on Monday.

I’m not a big drinker of whites, so I was a little disapointed by this offering . . . until I read the descriptions on the winery’s web site. Jeff’s wine is fantastic, and based on those descriptions these whites will really deliver.

In for 2 sets!

Saxon Brown - Four Pack
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Hello LBISufer2
I love good dry rose. Try some Tavel rose, some of my favorites

Rosé - any type - is hands down the most wine I drink, probably 3-4 bottles a week 9 months a year. Absolutely no way I could resist this, despite my less than stellar SB Syrah experience (though it seems it was likely cooked).

My wine cellar is filling up quickly…

I am in the same boat, I just got both dry creek offers, the twisted oak offer (the 2 pack and twisted both came today, along with one of the decanters from WDs sig, and the decanter is really nice, very sturdy and just looks great), and I ordered the first half of this week. I really want to save my money… but I have never had either varietal being offered here. Curiosity may just win over by Sunday, maybe if WD picks out some more rats I could be convinced, but there arent usually rats on 2nd half offerings are there? Maybe since the half of the 1st half received the wrong vintage we could get another round? Anyone else following this train of thought?

No, do it now! Stick it in the freezer for a few minutes :slight_smile:
I’ll labrat the Sémillon on Friday after WD sends it to me

sadly, please see my EDIT above, in my original note. :wah:

guess we better labrat these.