Schmidt Brothers 12-Pc Knife Set-2 Colors

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[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

Description is of Project X
Pictures are of Acacian

Clarification on knives
for example project X
$86 at Amzn

The Amazon set you’re linking to is a different Project X model (SPXBS13). Ours are Project X (SPXXS14) and (SPXXS16).

Is the copper two-toned like in the photos, or just one solid color (kohls has the steak knife set showing one solid copper color)?

Sold for $99.99 just 27 days ago
1/27/2016 Woot

Price increase must mean the product is of better quality right?

The block is pretty cool, the knives are disappointing, if I’m being generous.

Agree. Looks like something you could make with $10 dollars of materials and a couple hours, too.

Bought a set 6+ months ago and I agree with the comments above. Block is cool, knifes are not worth the $$, and Schmidt Brothers Customer Service sucks. Sent them a question several times and never heard back from them.

100 bucks for stamped blades is steep. Now maybe if they were forged it would be a decent bargain.

I completely agree. An acquaintance has some Schmidt knives, not the same ones but they are not impressive, to be overly kind. Farberware’s forged knives (not their cheaper stamped junk) are superior and cheaper. Or a low-end professional brand like some forged Winco (remarkably close to Wusthoff or similar quality) knives would be better, and much less expensive.

But hey, if you don’t really cook a lot the block is pretty cool.