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what is up with woot lately? looked in the spec’s tab to find out how much the bike weighed and all thats there is:

In the box:

(1) Schwinn Delta Sport Full Suspension Bike 2007

seems woot isnt even trying to give us good info anymore.

Yea, and the $119 model is $109 with free shipping at wayfair .com. It was one of the first Google search results.

The guy that said Woot has been largely ruined by amazon, well i thin he was pretty accurate.

Some descriptions don’t even have bike size listed!

The unisex sierra is 17", but my wife needs a 14 or 15".

So I looked at the Mica (described as a 28" but obviously 28/700c is the tire size not the bike size, unless it’s built for giants.


Sorry, I grew up with REAL Schwinn.

Amazon, this “ain’t” REAL Schwinn. Not even close!

I had a head-on collision with a 64 “suicide door” Lincoln Continental, and the Ford came out the worst. (Seems that JFK had an issue with an earlier model, and HE came out the worst.) I don’t know when my Schwinn was made, but it had the 94th Aero Squadron’s “hat in the ring” emblem on the seat tube.

Bent the fork, (typical with that era of Schwinn) and trashed the front wheel, but all those parts were available, back then.

27 inch wheels, and banana seat, with sissy bars, and high-rise (ape hangers) handlebars. It came as, (well, I found the frame at the dump) a 10 speed, with the strangest front shifter I’ve ever seen. There was a lever down by your thigh, that shifted the front sprockets. No cables, no nothing.

Oh, it was the KING of wheelies. I could even do “burn-outs” on that bike. Actually break traction on the rear wheel.

Sadly, Schwinn is no more! Just some Chinese company that bought the name.


To be fair after they went bankrupt they WERE bought. Its now a sub company of Dorel Industries which is Canadian.

The in-mold technology makes the Schwinn Sprint Adult Microshell Helmet highly durable and lightweight while creating a clean, sleak look.

I can’t see where you specify frame size in the ordering process so I must pass. If I am missing something, would someone please tell me - Thanks!

Woot Staff’ers,
This post is lacking. Key details are missing and you’re displaying 2 different products on the purchase page!

I’m confused… Which of the two women’s 28" mica hybrid bikes is for sale? The one pictured or the one on the YouTube video?

Please clarify at your earliest convenience.