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== A warning to those of you considering bikes from Woot ==

We purchased two different bicycles during a recent Woot sale and, in both cases, Woot’s listed specifications were not just wrong, but described products that were grossly more expensive than the bikes that were delivered to us. One of the bicycles that we purchased was the Schwinn Rocket, a bike that Woot is currently offering.

For instance, Woot claimed – and still claims – that the Rocket comes with a Shimano Deore LX front derailleur, a mid-level mountain bike component that is often seen on bikes costing from $700-$1200. In fact, the specs describe the Schwinn Rocket Comp, a very good bicycle.

Instead, the Schwinn Rocket delivered to us came with much cheaper parts all around and was typical of a Wal-Mart-grade bike.

So effectively Woot describes a $500 bike in their advertisement that they promise to sell to you for $250 but they send you a different bike worth less than $200.

Woot is aware of these specification discrepancies yet continues to promote inflated and misleading specs, which I find discouraging and disappointing.

In any case, caveat emptor.

For more information, please see my previous posts here:

What are the real specs for the Rocket? the listed specs look like they are mixed up with the Rocket Comp.

Thanks for posting this,good information to have

If you want a decent bike, please go to a bike shop and buy one that is properly assembled and adjusted and, most importantly, fits you. Schwinn hasn’t made a good bike in several decades, not since they ceased producing the Paramount in the Waterford factory.

I agree that current Schwinn is trash.

However, they produced some AMAZING mountain bike frames in the mid to late 90s. The Homegrown series of frames were brilliant. That was after the Waterford factory was sold off.

But, that’s splitting hairs as your point is Schwinn is certainly not what it used to be.

Sad to see how far Schwinn has fallen.

Agree to both posts. If you actually want to enjoy riding your bike, get a decent one that is assembled correctly and fits your body and the way you want to ride. If a bike shop bike is too expensive, look for a quality used bike and then take it to a bike shop for adjustment if you need help.

I believe the Homegrowns were made for Schwinn by Yeti, which is why the frames were so nice. But they were very nice bikes.

Final point on the “weight is the most important consideration” comment. Weight is important in a lot of ways, but the single most important thing to look for in a bike is…whether or not you will ride it. If somebody buys a 17lb road bike that isn’t comfortable and isn’t fun to ride, then it might as well be decoration. If they like riding the 28lb cruiser instead, then great for them.

Exactly. Fit and comfort are more important that weight. Heck, even coolness factor counts more than weight if that’s what gets you to ride it. The best bike is one that gets ridden (and doesn’t fall apart like one of these might…).

Hey all, looks like we had some specs dancing around in the wrong sales. We’ve fixed the specs for the Schwinn S5846Z 26" Cobalt Men’s Rocket Dual Suspension Mountain Bike.

Here they are for your reading pleasure:

• Schwinn ISO Drive suspended 4 bar linkage TIG welded 7005 aluminum with 3.5" travel Zero Stack head tube
• Sealed bearing pivots
• Forged dropouts with replaceable hanger
• Manitou Axel Comp magnesium lowers coil spring with FFD hydraulic damping 120mm travel fork
• TruVative ISO Flow 44/32/22 Cr-mo with Powerspline BB crankset
• Shimano EF29 8sp Easy Fire Shifters
• Shimano C-101 Front Derailleur
• Shimano Alivio Rear Derailleur
• Schwinn WTB Speed V sport Saddle
• 2 sets of water bottle mounts
• Shimano EF-29 brake Levers with tektro linear pull brakes

They don’t even list the weights, do they?

I bot a bike (not schwinn). The front tire would not fit on the bars in any way.Had to wrestle with woot to get a new one.

The tire fit but it was truly a crappy bike. My 6 yr old used for about 3 months before it broke. I threw both bikes in the trash & added bikes to the list of things that I would never buy again from woot.

We went the local bike store route & got great bikes. Definitely more expensive but worth it.

Schwinn is now owned and all their bikes are made by “Pacific Cycle” after they went bankrupt. This is the same company that makes all the low quality bikes you’d find in any department store (Walmart, Kmart, etc.) - They are all made in Taiwan and are quite poor in quality. Don’t buy one and expect it to last more than a year or two. If you’re serious about riding quite often, you would be MUCH better off buying one from a specialty bike shop.

Invicta watches, Schwinn bikes… flat screens, and more and more, look-alike deals…how many woots are there anyway…and so on. This is what happens when a great idea gets bought out…the original creators sail off into the sunset and management pushes in the same old, same old direction, until…well, Walmart is recreated. The market is ripe for disgruntled wooters…heck, I but T-shirts because the creativity is not in the hands of “suits” or whomever is making these “growth” decisions. It’s become a Woot-mall, more like a tj-max or Marshalls

I worked at a Schwinn dealer back in the 90s (the last few years prior to their being purchased by Pacific). Indeed the Homegrown frames were amongst the best you could get anywhere - and they were made in the USA - but I am >90% sure they were not made by Yeti. Yeti was owned by Schwinn at the time, but they were mostly doing their own thing. They shared a lot of components and expertise but my understanding was that Schwinn made their own frames for their own bikes.

And as so many people have said, it is a travesty that the Schwinn name is now applied to such terrible bicycles. It seems that Pacific sporadically tries to make closer-to-shop-quality bikes under the Schwinn name, but I wouldn’t touch them myself.

If someone really wants a good deal on a bike, there are likely plenty to be found on your local craigslist. For this kind of money you should be able to buy a second-hand bike that is ~10 years old that had an MSRP of $600 or more. It would be better built, with better components, and would last longer than this.

And most importantly - also most overlooked by many buyers - is that when you buy a shop-quality bike you can get one that properly fits you. I have known far too many people who have bought these discount store bicycles, found they didn’t fit worth anything, and then simply didn’t ride them. $200 for a bike you don’t ride is a terrible deal.

Edit: Nevermind my memory sucks :wink:

I’m not sure that this was the same bike. The story was on NPR this morning ( and I thought they said he was riding some sort of collapsible / foldable bike which is is not. Regardless, Matthews was stranded with a flat tire which really isn’t the fault of the bike.

There are plenty of things to dislike about this bike, but the tires aren’t really one of them.

I own the Suburban “comfort” bike. I bought it for about $10 more than this at Academy a year ago. It is very comfortable to ride for an old guy like me (40 something.) I ride 40 miles a week, 10 miles, 4 days a week and have not had any trouble with the bike.

Anyway, my 2¢; It is a nice bike for the price, smooth shifts and decent weight. I’m sure you can get a nicer bike for twice the price but well, you’re paying twice the price…

I bought the “Schwinn S8ZDELSM 26” Delta Sport Full Suspension Mountain Bike 2008"

Just got it in today at around 5pm. Assembled it, rode it around my Cul de Sac for about 10 minutes and the left pedal arm snapped off at the shaft. As shown in the below photos. I am not a huge guy. 5’9 @ 185lbs. So I’m pretty sure this should not have happened. I did the customer service thing so I guess we will see where it goes from there.

I ordered a Schwinn S5482 Men’s Comfort “Suburban” 21-Speed 26" Bicycle.

For the life of me I can’t loosen the bolt on the front wheel, to get it onto the fork. Can I get a new wheel without sending the whole bike back? As it is, the bike is un-ride-able.
Who pays return shipping?
I sure as heck shouldn’t have to pay a bike mechanic to fix the problem.

Seriously frustrated.