Screaming Giant Monkey w/Green Cape

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Screaming Giant Monkey w/Green Cape
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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what! so early?!

That’s all folks! You can quit watching now…

the original! oh, but bigger

In For 2

Wow! What is that?

that’s what she said

Woot off isn’t over till the lights quit spinning.

…and Bam, in for 2. Been waiting for these babies to show up, since my black cape one was defective and his chest was ripped open. Now I can have a black and a green, but I suppose now I’ll have an extra green cape.

Old Monkey meh.

Gimme Flame cape monkey I needz one.

Hmmm ! not what I expected after almost an hour of waiting for something cool.

Green was last wootoff’s color…
That’s not all.

Also, in for 3. They make great stocking Stuffers!

I want one!!! In a Bag of Crap. Patiently awaiting the BOC.

Is it over Rock?
I guess so Bullwinkle.
Gee, I didn’t think it would end like this.

YES. I’ve missed the last couple giant monkeys! :slight_smile:

In for one.

Wooting instead of studying for my Marketing final in two and a half hours… Whoop.

Does this mean the poop will be at 11:30 PM?

excellent, now who would buy this and why? it’s both useless and worthless, and you can get stuffed animals anywhere for this price or cheaper

Oh yea! Now you can sell this for $4.99 after I bought one for $9.99 last time!