Screaming Mini Monkey Keychain with Woot Cape

Last woot off had multiple monkeys and there’s no boc yet, right?

i want it but not this way.
want it in a basket of cakes with mass other items of mass weights

I SERIOUSLY doubt this is the end guys.

Dont they usually sell full size monkeys at the end?

tell me it isn’t so!

No way this is over. Woot-offs usually start on Tuesday and go one or 2 days. This is just the beginning of an epic Woot-off… Im hoping 4 days. But itll probably be 3.

Seriously. Woot needs to find another way to ship this super cheap stuff. I mean $1.49…$5 shipping. What is wrong with this picture?

Maybe for wootoffs if you could do bulk shipping on items ordered in one day for under $5?

what exactly are we talking about here?

…jus’ dickin’ wit us

Ruh roh. Did I miss the Bracelet of Cleopatra?

Im in for 3! Now all I need is that beautiful octangular caterpillar!

really? a keychain for six fitty?? 8o) where is my BOC???

Hooray for mini monkeys!!
In for 3!

The screaming mini monkey, obviously.

yay, 3 more… maybe this can happen two more times and I can have 12 in one woot-off… 12 is a significant number.


The distinctive orange cape makes all the difference as your keys go flying across the room.

but I still have more xmas shopping to do…

I have already bought 6 of these today I need something besides monkeys for the stocking!~ Come on woot give us a bag a crap or somethign fun ffor really cheap!

Thought this would be way harder to get but got one nonetheless

No havent been any boc

They sold these this afternoon also … hopefully this isn’t the end of the Woot Off … I was just starting to have fun!