Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

I own one of these Kayaks.
Though it has not seen a lot of action, it is durable and has safely gotten us across many lakes and down streams. It’s easy (though heavy) to transport and is much more versatile than a solid kayak would be.

I don’t have this model, I have the sport model, 370, which shows up here sometimes. I was just wondering if this boat tracks well, because I don’t feel like mine does. rivers are ok enough, but it really gets shoved around on lakes

I purchased the Sea Eagle SE 370 Pro Kayak Package a year and a half ago for $229.00. It works great but I wouldn’t buy one for $800.00. I didn’t know it was such a good investment back then !!!

I am disappointed in Woot! I ordered the $649 single person 385ft, but had I known about the 2 person packages with the high back seats I would have purchased one of them. Now I need to purchase one or two highback seats and one more kayak paddle.