Seagate Barracuda 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM 32MB Hard Drive

Refurb? LOL no

3.5-inch form factor

Seagate makes great hard drives and 39.99 is an AWESOME price!! I’m in for 3!!!

terrible reviews. one day it works. one day it doesn’t.

Newegg had a new 2TB Seagate for $90 a couple of days ago, shipped free. Isn’t $45 shipped for a refurb 500GB a bit steep?

Correction, Seagate USED to make great hard drives. I used to almost exclusively use Seagate hard drives in systems I built. However, they’ve had a spate of problems over the past couple of years with their recent 500 GB to 2 TB range of hard drives. I expect that’s where this refurb came from.
Not coincidentally, Seagate recently dropped their formerly industry leading 5-year warranties to 3-year for all consumer hard drivers.

I’ve since switched to Western Digital.

I got a ‘recertified’ Seagate from Woot 3/27/08 still running fine.

I have a refurb from 11/02/08 from Woot that is still working like a champ. Out lasted (2) WD drives bought in the following january.