Seagate FreeAgent 1.5TB External Hard Drive

Here’s the product website.

I use a seagate external. It is excellent.

Never buy a reburb Hard Drive, Never Never Never!

That’s how I feel, exactly.

Sounds about right.

these 1.5TB hds are famous for having the highest failure rating :frowning:

LOTS of bad reviews on Newegg.

me 2

I own one of these refurbs (Seagate warranty service loves to send them). Decent enough transfer rate, fairly quiet, and not too ugly.

I got mine because of the 5 year warranty though, and I’m not sure how great the 1 year would be through Woot.

Quick tip: Encrypt the whole drive using something like Truecrypt. That way if it does break you don’t get all paranoid about sending a drive full of pr0… I mean precious photos and fine works in to get serviced.

I agree wholeheartedly.

It has a 1-year warranty, so you’ve got some protection there.

I still have a PC that has 400mb of hard drive space…and it was top of the line back in its prime.

Sound advice. It should never be done. It’s a risk. Regardless, I can’t believe anyone would buy this “deal” anyway. This is probably the worst deal I’ve ever seen here. My local Costco has this exact 1.5 TB drive, BRAND NEW, for the regular, everyday price of $109.99. Yahoo, Woot, or whoever, should be embarrassed about this “offering”…

$130.79 new at Amazon.

Mixed reviews.

And I just took three seagate externals to the shredder. Like, love or hate, no matter what, make sure you use the Seagate tools to set the auto-shutdown timers, check the surface of the drive, and always have a backup.

Those thinking of buying to disassemble and use the drives in another project - removing the drives from the case is kinda difficult, and almost always results in a destroyed case. On the plus side, the light on the drive as it glows and dims always makes me think the thing’s breathing.

I’m in the market for 1.5tb drives, but I’ll pass on this one - just to save the planet and all.

I LOVE my Seagate FreeAgent 1TB for Mac. HOWEVER, I originally bought this version, figuring that it was an average external and would work for both.

This is NOT Mac compatible. I have no idea why. Maybe there are hacks for it, but they make a separate FreeAgent for Macs.

(ie. The description is wrong - good luck running it with TimeMachine.)

I could be wrong but maybe fixing the problem was part of the whole ‘refurb’ process.

DO NOT BUY. high rate of failure

I actually don’t have any problem with refurbed hard drives. But I do have a problem with Seagates… it’s had a loooot of QC issues. Not a fan; I have to pass.

Noted same bad reviews at Newegg
They are selling new drive for $130 + $2 shipping until Saturday. At least those would have 5 year warranty.