Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Portable HD

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Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Portable HD
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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In case you dont want the WiFi…

I have used the non-wireless version of these for years … … $62 at Amazon. I can’t really see a use case for me for the wireless one, though.

This seems like a better idea in theory than it is in a practical sense. One more device that you need to keep charged for it to work. And if its not charged then you have to lug around a power source to plug it in. So what is the point of being wireless? With Android there is usb OTG on many tablets and phones so there is really no need for this. So I guess IOS people can finally have a way to extend local storage-as long as you remember to charge the device.

With our two kids they always seem to have the “wrong” movies on their iPads (first world problem, I know…) but with this we can carry basically our entire video library from iTunes with us anywhere for them to use. Be advised of two things: the app currently doesn’t work with iOS 8, and the interface is clunky at best. Not a perfect solution, but it works well on older iPads with a little help from the parents from time to time.

Sidenote, another cool feature is using the wifi capabilities to get around captive portal pay wifi in hotels that charge by device. Connect the Seagate through the app and it will hotspot for you to multiple devices! Used this several times with our Amazon Firestick in hotels…

Works well with Samsung Smart TV.
Does not stream videos to iPhone, iPad or any device running iOS8.

The thought of a refurbished hard drive just makes me shudder a bit.

How did it take so long for someone to make such a comment? My version?

The only thing worse than a refurbished hard drive is a broken hard drive.

Allow me to explain. Below is The Hard Drive Health Contiuum. (1) represents a pristine hard drive, recently purchased. It still has that new hard drive smell. It performs to spec and makes you feel good about your data. (3) represents the broken hard drive that always feels warm to the touch, causes your operating system to take three hours to finally tell you that it won’t mount and makes clicking and grinding sounds which often get sampled for creating ever so popular dubstep music. (2) is the common place on the contiuum for refurbished drives.


I’ve got one of these and it is pretty handy for road trips with the kids. Load up a bunch of movies and stream to multiple devices without messing around with iTunes or loading multiple microSD cards (which my kids lose too often).

As for the charging concern mentioned earlier, this charges via USB. I always have a USB charger around - either a DC one in the car or a battery pack in my bag so I’ve literally never had this drive run out of juice.

We use it with an iphone, ipad air (both with iOS 8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and Motorola Xoom without any issues.

Thats funny because I just used my fully-up-to-date iPhone 5s to stream several movies from my friends drive, and it worked fine.

Even if their app was broken for some video formats, you can download an app like VLC that is capable of playing movies from a network share, and play any videos on the drive. You don’t have to use the app made for the drive.

So, people, ignore the posts complaining about compatibility, especially if you know what VLC or a “shared folder” is.

This isn’t some internal hard drive that someone static shocked 10 times while they were installing it and then couldn’t get their pieced together computer to boot… This is a device that could have had any number of electronic or software problems, and a lot of problems tend to happen very soon, like on the first use or the first week or two. And don’t forget about the people that simply just don’t know how to use it and demand an exchange because its “broken”.

Would I put the only copy of mission critical information on this (or any) external drive? No, but I sure would save 30% on something that’s only going to hold a copy of videos that I can watch on the go.

I really think it would be more like

Refurbished is “returned for any reason”. They could be new with a bad contact on the battery (fixed of course), or the actual drive failed, and it now has a new drive.

Anyway, just trying to balance out the refurb hate.

Refurb r0x0rs!

Ditto - I’ve never had problems streaming to iOS devices running iOS8 while using the app or other media players like VLC.

And what data do you have to back this up or anything other than your own bias? I’ve used many reburb items. Depends on what it is and how you’re going to use it. The only aspect of electronic items that are suspect about reburb is that batteries are not replaced. Other than that most items are better checked than production line items.

Exactly, this is a must for us on all long car drives. We just load it up with lots of movies, and stream to the kids’ ipads.

Protip: It costs like $30, but offers their own proprietary firmware for the goflex satellite and wireless plus that makes the user interface much more intuitive and user friendly.

Oh, and ours is a refurb and we’ve never had any problems with it, fwiw.

I’m questioning just how “safe” the wifi is. Can you transmit sensitive data to your tablet without sharing it with the world? Also, can you turn the wifi off to save battery life?

These things are great for movies and such. As mentioned, if you know what a ‘network share’ [aka Samba or SMB] is you can play virtually anything your installed app supports [hint: see nplayer for ipad/iphone stuff and MX Player for android stuff].

Since I have several portable USB drives/sticks I use a small router with a USB port. Then I am not stuck to just the hard disk drive…and come in at around $30 with a battery that can also recharge your devices.