Self Dispensing Feeder and Waterer

Self Dispensing Feeder and Waterer

First! First sucker that is :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think these are the same ones I bought a while back. The water dispenser needs help to dispense when it is filled up. I wanna say I got a little better deal so it may be another brand than mine.

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Do these come apart to be washed? I can’t seem to get mine apart.


Mine do. Well the water one I know for sure does. I wash it with each fill. The bottle is one piece and the bowl is one piece. I haven’t taken the bowl apart , don’t think it does.

Very happy with this! The water part works very well and the food gets just a little bit stuck on occasion but I think the cats know how to get it to come out. One eats food from right at the part where the food comes out.

Also, the water bowl has not gotten that slimey film after a day or 2 that some other bowls get. I’m not sure if that’s because I keep it outside and it’s constantly being used or what. I wash the whole thing when I refill it and then just the bowl every few days if it has stuff floating around in it.