Sennheiser RS-130 Wireless Headphones





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Sennheiser RS-130 Wireless Headphones
$54.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
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not bad… i got the links… comaprison shopping links galore… but yea… cute headphones.


Sennheiser makes seriously good gear - may pick this up for listening to the old TV with the wife unit asleep…DANG I thought they were Noise Cancelling…

May need to rethink…and Refurb never gives me the warm / fuzzy like it should.


pretty sweet… if it wasn’t refurb


whats wrong with refurb?


One of the better brands. But when you think wireless not many know how well the 80’'s old school look will sound.


I got the rs140, and its awesome for tvs, but you plan on using it for a computer, they shut off and beep really loud after 5 minutes of inactivity which is annoying on the computer… Kind of mad I jumped the gun and bought the rs140’s now… owell got them for 110 so not too bad.


I own these and have to say the sound quality is amazing, second to none. Great range too, with the base in the basement I can still get reception on the headphones from the ground floor.


If you want over the head wireless headphones, these work great. I have the 120 model on right now and have been using them for a few years.

Range is pretty good. The base sits on my desk and I can use them mowing the lawn and only cracks up waay out back (1 acre yard).


i love my sennheiser PX200’s. sennheiser = best sound.


These are outstanding headphones, Sennheiser makes great products. At this price, you cannot beat this. I personally prefer Bose headphone, they have deeper low tones, but at this price if you are in the market, go for it!


They look awesome… And I need headphones (I’m using some Delta Airlines ones from a few years back…)

But I just can’t justify the (admittedly low) price… :frowning: Now on to Shirt.woot! :slight_smile:


Bah, refurb
do not want somebody elses earwax


Anyone have these? Have you used two of them on different channels? Work good?


where is the podcast?


Better price than on ebay!
Not for me, not today…


For a detailed review of this particular headphone unit… click here!



Anyone know if these lag? I got some bluetooth headphones that lag so they can’t be used that well with a TV, but I guess this is good 'ol analog, so no lag right?