Seriously Soft 100% Cotton Percale Sheet Sets

The only thing “seriously soft” about these sheets is their name - they are not soft at all and are not breathable (i.e. hot). And if you need a deep pocket sheet - these are not for you! Just ordered 3 sets for the 3 beds in my house and was SO disappointed!

I ordered 3 sets and really like them. They have a crisp finish, slightly brushed, very warm and comfy. Not quite flannel levels of snuggle, but still quite good. I prefer the shallower sheet size,I don;t have a pillow top or what have you, and they fit my Ikea king mattress very well,with no slack.

Pretty good stuff for the price in my experience. I’ve paid double for what these sheets are going for on “designer” sheets and these are nicer in my opinion. Totally didn’t expect these to be as nice as they are, was a shot in the dark and I was presently surprised by the quality. (They did arrive smelling stale, guess from the shipping conditions, but after a quick wash they were great).

Been using them every since. Bought 2 last time, in for a 3rd.

Just my 2cents.

Seriously soft? Like seriously? Seriously seriously? Like the time woot sold me a “Mystery dual core” computer only to change the title a few hours later to say it was only an i3? These sheets are probably as soft as sand paper.

These aren’t a sateen, are they? I know that it says brushed, but I’ve been looking for just plain cotton non-sateen sheets for some time now and have had zero luck! Thanks!

Does “brushed” mean that they are microfiber? I don’t want microfiber. Microfiber never stays put and it drives me crazy.

The regular price is just a few dollars more at Bed Bath and Beyond and includes free shipping. And you can return to your local store. Better deal.

No 100% cotton percale sheets.

I would like to know what the thread count is

The description says it’s 200 thread count, which is about normal for percale.

Does anyone know if pillowcases alone are available anywhere?

Set comes with 2 but we need more than 2.

Try Vermont Country Store. Clothesline Crisp. All cotton, all percale. Best ever!

The only thing serious are the wrinkles after washing.
I count my woots I was only able to buy 2 sets and not 4!
Thanks Woot

Need 2exra pillow cases for red and the salmon color. Ideas ?

100% cotton means they are not microfiber. Microfiber is 100% polyester. Both can have a “brushed” surface.

Oops Poppy and Fritz, not Debby and Fritz!

How do you order 2 additional pillow cases?

I’m sorry. We’re not selling pillow cases alone/separately.