Serta Memory Foam Pillowtop Pet Beds

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Serta Memory Foam Pillowtop Pet Beds
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I asked my dog. “Too small!”

(She’s an English Mastiff).

What is the size? The drop down says 39" x 29", in the features it says 32" x 29". Also what happened to the couch bed? Will it be coming back or did it not sell well enough. I need to know if that’s coming back. I would like the couch bed, otherwise I’ll buy this.


I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.

The correct sizes are listed in the drop down menu 39 x 29.


We are working on some larger beds for future sales, what size bed would you like to see? We were thinking 47x39.

more like 42 x 48 - is needed

47X39 would be good for my dog, a yellow lab.

I have two labs who would love the biggest couch size possible. Each.

Big Max is mega-sized at 125# of bone and muscle. Emma is a petite 75# and likes to spread out.

They already love these, but bring in couches and I’ll buy new. Thx.

That one would be bought in an instant

is the cover removable and machine washable? my dogs are sloppy!

The description says 39x29 and then later says 36x29. Which is it

Bought two of the 39x29 ones last woot. Fit beautifully inside my dogs’ crates, and they love them. One is a 90-lb. lab mix and the other is a 25-lb mini aussie (but they both use an XL crate). They’re contentedly sleeping on them right now, right behind me. Great product.

It’s fixed. Thanks!

As confirmed by the vendor rep, the sizes are:

39" x 29" AND 36" x 27".

Yes, the cover is removable and machine washable.

Great! Glad you (your dogs) like them!


Just went to measure crate size. The large ones are perfect. Came back to order an all the large sizes are gone!

That would be nice. We have a Newf, so it’s not easy finding beds for >100 lb dogs.

The #1 selling dog crate on Amazon is 36x24, which both of my dogs have their own for when we are at work. I would be in for 2 if you had that size.