Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel - 6 Pack

Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel - 6 Pack
$62.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Sextant Wines Central Coast 2008 Zinfandel
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$16.00 + ship on the winery website

any comments about this wine?

I am pretty sure you can pick this up at Costco in the bay area, if you wanted to try one before buying 6.

So, given there are six of these and it’s called Sextant, this has to be a Latin conundrum. Why are there six 'tant’s? And what does this apparently Latin word ‘tant’ mean?

$62 plus $7 shipping yields $69…

… ooh, la-la! my favorite!

Plus the photo with one bottle upright and the rest upside down provides the perfect subliminal reinforcement of this mutually satisfying SEXtant Zin…

Coincidence? I think not!.. :slight_smile:

Abbreviated from Sex - taint, hence the $69 price w/shipping…

I’ve never purchased wine on woot before, and don’t plan to buy this one…but Others should.
I tasted the 08 Central Coast at the ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers) Festival on Tasted at Zin Festival at Fort Mason SF 1/30/2010.
One of the best values out there. Slightly one dimensional, good fruit but balanced, very drinkable. This was one of the more noteworthy Zins of the 60 or so I tried that day because of its PQR.

I now have some in my cellar but I paid $15+ tax at K&L.

I live nearby the winery and this is one of my favorite Zins. It’s well priced and I drink it by the gallon. Sextant’s pricier Weelhouse Zin is tied for my absolute favorite (with Norman Monster). This is a superb wine for it’s price. My problem is that the wine is the same price in the local grocery store as it is here on woot, so I will pass. However, if you are not a Central Coast resident, this is a MUST BUY.

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Quite the ringing endorsement

Perfect example of a quote taken out of context. The poster went on to say he had tasted this wine, had like it and had purchased this wine. That is a ringing endorsement for the wine. He just doesn’t buy any wine from woot.

Well I’m a huge fan of the Chronicle Zin (sold here on 5/2) as it’s quite tasty and pairs awesome with BBQ and other summer foods. These are rated similar - 87 or 88 pts on CT. However, tasting notes on CT are somewhat limited for this.

Has anyone out there tried both? And could you offer a comparison? Thanks!

I assume we’ll also be seeing some Lab Rat reports later today…

1 case for me please. Thanks Woot.
i’ll drink 1 and hold the other 11 for a while.

love the comments.

I live in bodunk southern illinois with, shall I say, limited wine choices at the liquor stores. I love wine woot. I get to purchase and try different wines from so many different regions. This sounds like a splendid wine.

No shipping to Wyoming. Sad for me. Hope everyone else enjoys it! :stuck_out_tongue:

so I’m guessing that I can’t get this particular wine shipped to D.C.? Bummer.

if you’d just go up north a bit to chicago, john hart has one of the finest collection around… google john hard fine wine.

Sucker for Zin, woulda bought without the kudos here. In for a sixer.

Maybe Craig and Nancy are into maritime activities?

On a wine related note, these sell for $16/bottle on their site with $32 shipping. If it’s a decent drinker, this is a good deal.