:w_boc: Share your 2023 Craps Here!

My last BOC was actually disappointing. After months and months of trying and with a success rate of 0 out of 789,654 tries for anything cool, I finally got a BOC and when it arrived the letdown was palpable. Crushed my holiday spirit so I didn’t even take a photo.

I got:
*2 composition notebooks (wide ruled)
*1 basic black sweatshirt
*an unattractive plate sized spikey coaster thing, which apparently is something to put a potted plant on to allow water to drain
*a box of Raid fly catching tape
*Woot ice scraper (I’m in California, where a severe winter would be a temp of 40°F and 4-5 consecutive days of rain)

So yeah, Woot’s BOC disappointment guarantee has been fulfilled! Albeit, not for the first time.



I miss when these came in actual (boxed) bags


Hey, that’s pretty cool that you’ve already gotten a crap in 2023.


That actually sounds like a massive BOC FAILURE for a WFHer in Northern MN – where those items are really NOT crappy. :upside_down_face:

Still waiting on the arrival of my Big Orange Container BOC… Sasquatch might have run off with it.


No crap for me so far…


Methinks thou hast a slight advantage……


Did you see that listed on the phone app, or in an email, or where? Inquiring minds would like to know…


It was a push.


In my 2023 bag of Crap

  1. Some kind of sports cards
  2. A book I can write in and erase it, and use it again
  3. And all the other stuff you put in a bag of crap

My Bunch of Cookies was purchased on December 15, but it was stuck in a Buffalo blizzard and I just received it on December 27. It was well worth the wait.

Disposable fitted face covers
Automatic water dispenser, for a water bottle ???

Not Disappointments:

Kid flatware set, perfect for my niece that will start on solid food soon

4 silicone handle holders, good for cast iron pans

Sand proof beach blanket with little spikes so it doesn’t blow away.

Vinyl gloves, large. Maybe you heard me complain
that the medium ones in my last BOC were too small

Assorted nails, always useful

Fastening tape, very useful

Military memory game, games are always welcome

Plastic tumblers for to go drinks

Cat bed which I could not coax my cat into. I left it on the floor and went out. When I returned, he was in the bed. He’s been in it ever since. Winston thanks you and he’s fine with pink.

Spyder winter coat, size small. Price =$229. After whining that it is way too small for me, I looked around and found the perfect fit on a very excited friend. It made me happy to give it to her.

Purse size Crappy ice scraper

My crap is better than your crap bag, love the bags


Sure. we’ll go with that.




I’ve never known BOC disappointment until now lol. I got:

  1. Popcorn bowl (University of Tennessee branding)
  2. A few latex gloves that were loose in the bag (wot?)
  3. 2(two) disappointed tissue mini-bags
  4. Salsa bowls
  5. A used Personality textbook (i enjoy reading pre-highlighted text)
  6. A blue Woot bag!

Praying for others to have better luck than I!


new york nyc GIF


1 Post Office Toy Truck
Water hose nozzle
Collapsable drink cooler
Easter squishy toys
Tissues for tears of disappointment
Kids face masks
Blue crap bag


Nothing orange about it…
Not sure what to do with the horse sweat scrapper… that took some research :slight_smile:

The psych books are wildly amusing.


Here is my BOC:

Much disappointment for me, but my mother in law happened to fit the nice shoes, so points scored there!
And yes my crap is better than your crap…


My first ever BOC arrived Dec 28, 2022 (ordered Dec 19).
Not pictured - a 24 pack of colored gel pens - immediately loved by my wife AND daughter.
Index cards (wife loves organization).
Food scale (mother-in-law was ecstatic - win!).
Marine Force Recon figures - I assume my nephew will love them when he gets them.
Moon Pie socks - can’t wait to wear these (again)!!!
Tissues for my tears - still unused, but in the backpack for work.
Reusable shopping bag with the word CRAP on it twice. Yeah, it says CRAP!!!

Less loved
Size medium vinyl gloves, I’m an XL.
Clear purse. But, put it in the breakroom with a note that says “if you can use it, take it - happy new year”. It’s gone. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

This was my first. No $200 jacket, but certainly got my $10 worth!


For my BOC I received

  • an Organic Chemistry book
  • plastic salad tongs
  • an American girl dolls yoga outfit
  • a press on LED light
  • tissues for my disappointment
  • a blue Woot bag
  • a bubble blaster
  • a craft ink pad with no stamp

Horribly not crappy BoNC. Spyder coat. Worth more than the $10 I paid sure. Just not a medium women’s. I know people. I’ll share the gift of crap and give it to whomstever I know that it will fit.