Shark Press & Refresh Garment Steamer

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I have one of these. I use it to touch up clothing that’s “dry clean only”. It works pretty well, but the attachment pieces come off pretty easily (sometimes whilst steaming). Still, it does what you want it to do - releases wrinkles without having to iron. I’d also add that this is a good price for the product. It’s about twice that retail.

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Scott vs. Box: No idea if the eyes are real

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I’ve had one of these for about 2 years. I like steamers, and the advantage with this is the pad to press the garment flat while steaming. It really is like a light, vertical, steamy iron. So you get better results than with a steamer alone.

The negatives are:
The Velcro clips eventually tear the “loops” in the pad material, so you run out of places to stick the clips. It’s great for a shirt on a hanger, but for pants it gets challenging to find a way to attach them.

The attachments are pretty useless - they fall off easily so I just never used them

I have a stand steamer that I was using a lot, so this one sat for several months unused - with water still in the chamber. When I tried it again it doesn’t release steam and the handle area got very hot. Maybe it’s clogged with mineral deposits. I have no idea how to clean it. I thought about filling it with diluted vinegar but have not been brave enough to try that yet.

You don’t want to use this to steam clothes that you are currently wearing. Trust me.

Naw, I prefer to eat steamed veggies, my t-shirts just don’t seem appealing steamed or boiled.

Not sure if it will spiff-up the old flannel shirt I have on…

90 day warrenty …people…If it breaks in 90 days your screwed. also I think it said refurbished…so it already had problems from the start

Hi, you must be new here.

NO… been hanging out on this site for awhile…just never posted a comment before…

My point was, there are so many refurbished items on here that you’ll drive yourself crazy pointing them out. Most of us know to check, and know what buying a refurb involves. In the very beginning, it was rare to find a new product on Woot. Getting refurbs at a steep discount was a big part of Woot’s allure.

No, refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean used. Here’s an example of a post explaining that sometimes it really is new. This link is also in my signature below: