Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base

Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base

I bought one of these 3 months ago, and it’s still working great! I do have to clean the brush every so often, but we have a 100# newfoundland dog. Even so it’s far better than the roomba we used before.

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Got the Shark Ion 6/2020 we named Jaws that is now upstairs for our bedroom, still working great and we don’t have to replace the parts very much if my wife doesn’t run it every day…

8/2021 we got this one, same price via Woot. Works even better! Better tracking, mapping, cleaning, etc. Same price if you’re curious. We named this one Nemo, we like Nemo. Now if I can just get my wife to stop running this every day…we don’t have pets and I’m not that messy, one kid is in college and the other doesn’t hang out with us in the living room. Just wish she’d only run it twice a week so I wouldn’t have to order parts every 3 months from daily use.

For those of you that have this, how well does it transition from hard floors to carpet or hard floors to a rug? Thank you

This runs back and forth over hard floors and carpet all day, I have a cowhide in one seating area and sometimes it folds that over but keeps on going. the only thing it gets hung up on is the foam rubber comfort mat in front of my kitchen sink…it gets wedged between the mat and the underside of the cabinet. this is a really good vac.

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I now own two dumb shark vacs and one of these “smart” vacs. this thing is superior! I have multiple rooms about 1500 sq feet on my main level and this just goes and cleans and comes back to empty. Even my wife, the meticulous (obsessive) vacuumer acknowledges that this thing really keeps the place clean.
I noticed recently it hadn’t run for a couple of days and never bothered to troubleshoot. but after two days my wife noticed “The vac isn’t working, the floor isn’t clean!”. so we’d gotten so used to the floors being really well kept that it only took a couple of days of no vac to notice. It had not mated properly with the base and didn’t charge(first time). got it straight on the base and soon after it started doing it’s thing again.
My only issue is that about 1 time in 5 it does not clear the onboard bin when it connects to the base. (I have two new area rugs still producing a lot of lint). so while it’s “hands free” for two weeks, I still end up checking the on board dust cup every few days. I’ll be getting rid of the dumb vacs and switching to this model…in fact I might buy one right now.


We are waiting for the video where fido is riding atop the shark. :wink:


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I got this back in early August (for the same price) here on Woot to upgrade from an old Roomba that was having charging issues. We love it. I had to empty the Roomba daily and weekly had to cut the hair off the rollers. In the month we have had this version I’ve emptied the big cup 3 times and haven’t had to cut any hairs. It took a while to learn the house and I had to delete the map a few times to get it to reset and map properly but now I can tell it to clean a room from my phone without an issue. We still can’t get it to work right via our Alexa, we ask it to clean a room and Alexa doesn’t understand what we are asking, but that is a minor issue and is Alexa related not Shark related.

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bought one last time it was posted on woot. i have 2 ‘new’ of the same model. new ones work great. this one refuses to dock. when it does run, it makes weird figure 8 patterns and can’t figure out where it’s at. lastly i’m unable to pair it to my wifi via the app. woot is helping me process a return.

Order parts? What parts?

Do these “refurbished” models have any warranty?

90-day warranty -

You can find the warranty for all items we sell at the bottom of the Features section.


Robovacs typically require periodic replacement of the brushes as they wear from use, and likewise their air filters (foam and hepa) when rinsing no longer is effective.


I can’t wait for the one that does steps. Then the one that brushes my cats. Then the one that brings snacks.


Lots of people on the Amazon page complain “refurbished” units arriving dirty or as if someone used it for a month and sent it to you. Many others complain that the refurbished units have problems docking or randomly stopping during cleaning. Do your research before buying this!

I want the one that does furniture. Worst chore: hitting the sofa with the vac.

Then an oven cleaning bot. The oven has to be one of the worst designs for humans to clean.

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Another sucker that bought it the last time around.
It does fine on the hard floors but can’t handle elevation changes of much more than 3/8". Mapping and app work as expected, although I seem to recall a few app re-installs were needed to bend it to my will. We’ve got a serious shedder of a fur baby so it has controlled the pet hair issue better than me running the perimeter every other day with a battery vac.

Anyone annoyed with the noise?

Got mine this week and set up last night.

Seems to very easily get hung up on any room transition, can’t go over the ac register covers even without getting stuck. My dumb Deebot D76 was a tank compared to this. Not happy thus far!