Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV750, 7 Colors

From the features:

All vacuums, regardless of outer case, have the same power, capacity, and function. Shark, like many manufacturers, creates exclusive product for some large retailers. When selling their vacuums as factory reconditioned, Shark sells all like models together.

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I bought a shark rotator non-powered from Costco a couple of years ago. Recently we decided to get a 2nd vacuum for upstairs so we could stop carrying up and down. We are happy with the shark rotator but Costco no longer sells them in our store so we tried the navigator. The “lift away” part wouldn’t snap together without slamming it as hard as I could (defective) so I returned it. Bought “the most powerful” hoover at walmart. The plastic handle was made of two pieces that didn’t fit together well and kept shifting as I vacuumed and wouldn’t stop pinching my hand. I guess I needed to wear a leather glove? It was also super loud, very heavy, and although it made a ton of noise, it didn’t seem to pick up very much stuff. Returned it.

We decided to just buy another Shark Rotator but got sucked in by a $60 off coupon for a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser at Costco again. Huge mistake. It looked nice and was easy to push around, but after vacuuming the whole house I noticed that it hadn’t picked up as much stuff as I expected. I made sure the Shark Rotator was cleaned out (which we do after every use) and re-did the whole house. The Rotator pulled out at least 3x more stuff than the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser; and that was right after I’d just vacuumed everything!

I guess I didn’t realize how good the Shark Rotator was. Our previous vacuum was a powered Hoover Wind Tunnel which I was always happy with, but it was bagged so we never really knew what was being picked up each time we vacuumed; we just emptied the bag when it was full.

So anyway, my opinion is that the Shark Rotator is a great vacuum. I don’t have any experience with the powered model. My only complaint is that the upholstery attachment doesn’t do that well on our carpeted stairs (it won’t get in the corner where the tread meets the riser) and their hose size is all wonky so no attachments from other brands will fit, and Shark doesn’t sell an attachment that will solve my problem. I could probably find an adapter on amazon that would let me use a standard car shop vac attachment that would be better for the stairs than the upholstery tool. (The problem is that end and sides of it are too fat because they have to accommodate the spinning brush thing, so they don’t get fully up into the corners.)

Does the statement in the description mean that the blue unit will actually be a NV750 and look like the others, only in blue? Or will it look as pictured?


Hey there. The buyer seems to like Mondays because she’s gone and lowered that price to entice you to buy these lovely vacuums.

If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.

All the ones in the pics are NV750 just with different cases/colors for different retailers. If you order the blue, it will look like the pic.

I’ve gotten Shark’s twice on Woot. Love these things. We used it after our LG Cannister vacuum out of curiosity and were amazed how much additional it swept up. Easy to handle, really gets the dirt, easy to clean. The one I use at rental property has lasted 7 years so far and still going strong.

We are not worthy!

These vacuums don’t suck. And that sucks. The suction is extremely weak, especially for hard floors. Further, the printing on the buttons practically melted off literally within the first 24 hours of use.

We got one of these from Woot a few months ago.


This will be our second Shark. I bought our first one here on woot as a refurb also. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it looked brand new out of the box. Assembled very easy and has been our best vacuum yet. It’s much better than my Hoover Wind tunnel that cost 2 and 1/2 times as much. This same vac is at Walmart for $199. This will be our upstairs vac also. Thanks to Thunder Thighs, et all for the Lincoln back. Much appreciated!