Shark UR2500SR AI Ultra Robot Vacuum

I have searched and can’t find the PA rating (really for ANY shark vac) so can someone who has one reply if it is even shown on the unit or box please? (PA rating is the suction.) Thanks in advance.

this is GREAT!! Yes it does dock with older models… When the shark self empty robo vac first came out i snagged one after the info-mercial. I got it for under 300 free shipping! I loved it so much I bought my daughter one and another for myself. This was in 2020 i think. I use them daily!!! So I bought one of these refurbed and they are just as good EXCEPT they dont mind the magnetic strips so I cant use this in the bedroom where it would be forever stuck under the bed covered in duck down.
I have tested and owned the i Robot and these are much better imho

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i have one of these and never looked at the side brushes… thanks! I have a lot of replacements from the other shark vac so im all set! Thanks for bringing this up…

i never mind the maps as the room changes constantly. Im just happy it cleans my rug! Even if it just picks up the dust im happy.

it does fine. it wont deep clean but wow the carpet looks nice and clean even when the dust and surface dog hair is up.

yes get one!

Do you have Android? I have read in many a review that it helps greatly if you set the device up with an Apple device. After initial setup you can run it with an Android but initial setup works best with an Apple (I’m Android and this worked for me)

can you not set up in the mapping that you want it to avoid the bed?