Shark UV650 Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (S&D)

Shark UV650 Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (S&D)

What are the other two Laws of Vacuums?

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Maybe @notmatty knows?

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Anyone know if this comes with the motorized floor nozzle? It looks like it does but I figured I’d ask

@Wooter429006612, I did some scientific research and have concluded that it looks like it do.

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Thanks friend, I ordered it. Fingers crossed!

AFAIK, Shark’s priority geared to men as primary user. The length of attachments & top heavy center of gravity were a nightmare for my 64" height. My taller, male roommate raved about his Shark as though product was infallibly :star_struck: awesome!

If I’d paid $300+ for “tank” I suppose I would pretend too! No combo of Shark adapters enabled me to finish vacuuming before :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: nearly quitting each time!

Reminded me of Mom’s old Kirby with the headlight! Old, heavy, loud, etc! Like “JAWS” from Mr Mom:
michael keaton fights with a vacuum GIF by Maudit


Great deal. Was labeled as s&d but besides the box it was brand new.

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I didnt get the crevice tool or the other brush the manual speaks of. I got the main unit the pet hair (suction motorized) brush and main floor tool that was it. How about you?

It should have come with what’s listed:

In the Box:

  • (1) Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum UV650 (Scratch & Dent)
  • (1) Pet Hair Tool
  • (1) Crevice Tool

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Same here, just those three. Works great though!