Shark WANDVAC Cordless Stick Vac

Shark WANDVAC Cordless Stick Vac

They don’t say who refurbished these. If they aren’t factory (manufacturer) refurbished, Asurion won’t honor any extended warranty Amazon sells under their name.

Also, the Rating displayed is bogus – it’s for the BRAND NEW version, not this noname refurb:

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Where did you get the info saying Asurion won’t cover it

This is untrue and please stop posting this. This post will no longer be allowed.

Your reasons from the past:

Woot was not listed as a retailer on the Asurion site. We are now listed.
Protection Plans | Asurion

Authorized repair - that doesn’t mean the item has to be factory reconditioned. It means that you can’t go get the item repaired and present them with a receipt. You have to go through them and get direction on getting it repaired.

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Well i absolutely love mine. I bought the shark rumba version with the self empty station before the sharkvac. I literally have not used the rumba robot 1 time since the vac. Buying another one

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Picked one of these up on clearance at Target the other day and have been super impressed with how well it works.

No, there were three reasons “from the past” (on the portable air conditioners listings). You claim to have resolved one.

The other two still apply. Quoting from the warranty language linked in the listings, these are among the outright exclusions:

E11) Unauthorized Service exclusion. Your refurbisher is not authorized by this manufacturer, or any A/C manufacturer you sell

E16) Asurion warranties only cover those products that are specifically enumerated in the warranty, which does not include air conditioners. To wit: “Products that are not listed on this Plan;”

I suggest that your management and your legal department have a chat, because your suppressive actions here are creating a vector for very costly legal action.

We checked with Asurion and portable air conditioners are covered.

I will run the refurbishing wording by them.

Just yesterday threw out an unrepairable Shark (different, but also refurb) vacuum. Would heartily recommend against this, and I am a big Shark fan and customer.

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The explicit wording in the policy documents on Amazon itself say otherwise. This may be why Woot listings don’t even say which Asurion policy to buy for that item.

I have it from our Asurion rep who works for Asurion and has an email address.

“I have confirmed that Asurion does cover portable AC units under the Housewares category.“

We can stop beating that dead horse. :slight_smile:

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Again, if you’re unwilling to correct the conflicting written policy information, it’s not something the consumer can count on.

When you contact Woot to return a misdescribed item, i can tell you Firsthand that “but Thunderthighs said…” doesn’t mean shit in that conversation. You have *no idea what the friction is like from the consumer end.

So, what exactly prevents Woot changing the actual dicta in the products to match your claims?

Huh? You do realize that Asurion owns their site, terms/conditions, verbiage, etc.? We don’t control that any more than we control what Amazon posts on their site which is nil.

I’m showing your information to our Asurion rep. It’s because of you that Woot was added on the retailers list. I’m doing what I can.

And I’m not sure what you mean by “contact Woot to return a misdescribed item”? If you mean would we help if Asurion said they wouldn’t? Answer is that we’d probably work with Asurion first and help out as best as we can. We’ve done this many times when a manufacturer didn’t honor a warranty. I see these protections plans as no different.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your request here.

Huh? You do realize that you own your own links and your own listing dicta, right? If you are going to assert in Woot comments that a specific Asurion policy encompasses non-factory-authorized refurbished Air Conditioners and another encompasses non-factory-authorized refurbished vacuums, you can certainly do the same in your own listings of said warranties… given that the warranties themselves say otherwise, it at least gives consumers a decent avenue for recourse when they are denied coverage (besides getting refunded only for the warranty itself, as we were).

There’s no excuse for not linking each Woot listing claiming Asurion eligibility to the specific (supposedly) applicable Asurion warranty.

But, it’s worse than this (returning to the A/C wxample). You keep dodging the fact that Asurion’s own official representatives on Amazon have already asserted that they do not cover portable air conditioners bought on Woot! Quoting:

“A: Thank you for your question.
As a special consideration of the Asurion Protection Plan, it is applicable to a renewed or refurbished item only if it is purchased from the platform and is offered the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.”:

Oh good lord, you had to really hunt up that quote. Of course they’re going to give that answer on :roll_eyes:

That is so someone doesn’t buy the item at Danny Joe’s BBQ & Appliances and then buy a plan for it on

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This is direct from Asurion per their legal department. The first is as I described. The second clarifies the intent of the statement.

E. 11. - Unauthorized service, including service or replacement outside of the USA unless authorized by Us or the Administrator
It is not about refurbished products. We would not cover if for example the product broke and the customer went out to repair it on their own without prior authorization. It is up to Asurion to repair, replace or authorize repairs.

E. 16 - Products that are not listed on this Plan
The plan would not cover a product that the plan was not purchased for and that is not part of our agreement with the customer. We don’t list specific items, we just call out some product types or categories.

As to not being manufacturer refurbished:
Regardless of who refurbished the item, products sold on Woot are eligible because they come with either a warranty or a return policy.

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So, they’re saying their official documents and formal statements on Amazon are wrong, but they won’t change them?

Why would a customer spend money on a third party warranty and then repair it on their own? How does that premise even make any sense?