Sharp 32” 720p LCD HDTV

who dat

Where is the 32 in VIZIO???


Silver looks so ugly and tacky.

Hopefully 32" Vizio is next?

product: 1 Sharp LC32SH20U 32” 720p LCD HDTV

$479.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

Ok… Is this brand better than Vizio?

Blogging old CEO next?!? YES?!

COME ON with the sharp crappo, let’s see some Vizio’s!!!

what is blogging old ceo? you guys keep mentioning it

Whooo… fugly!

BOC Bags of Crap AKA Random Crap

my dad has had this for 3 years. solid tv, GREAT price. back in 2005, we payed 1400$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey FYI if anyone gets more than one vizio and I dont get one… email me… I really really need a 32 in vixio for my dorm room… a vizio too

lowest price on is 768. is this a good deal for something like a bedroom or office? Can this be used as a PC monitor?

HA - f.u.g.l.y. trips the filter - who knew?


Looks like not… no dvi or vga inputs

No response time shown in specs. Probably blur in high speed motion scenes/games

They already tried this one, did anyone even buy it???

this has a 12ms response time … the prior one had 6ms