Shavel Thermee Micro Flannel Sheet Set

Shavel Thermee Micro Flannel Sheet Set

You even have Twin XL, but no Cal King?

I have been to several stores looking for Cal King sheets, (the second most popular size), and no one carries it. I had to order it online, lol. Two other people were looking for Cal King in Kohls at the same time I was.

Do these have deep pockets?

If you look at the specs, you’ll see the depth listed. Rule of thumb is to add 2" to that for mattress depth. This is because of the gussets (gathers) in the corners.

So a 16" depth will fit an 18" mattress.

Yea, no California King!

Hi all. Sorry for no Cal King. We get what we can from our vendor. They must not have had Cal King for this one.

I was all set to order a set for each bed for winter. I went and checked Amazon reviews before doing so.

I’m glad I checked because the reviews, especially the recent reviews, are very poor. Woot, I’m still hoping for some flannel sheets for winter. Maybe Lands End or LL Beane will come through?