Shock Alarm Clock

In for one. Nice gift for my boss.

:frowning: I want to buy something totally useless before I go to bed

gag gift!

I’m in for one…Grea item to add to my Dirty Santa gift!

haha an answer to my prayers!

Who needs Foldgers?

perfect timing

but obviously no one here actually SLEEPS!

I want one, because I’m an evil sunuvabitch.

But I don’t want one, because I’m a cheap sunuvabitch.

What to do, what to do?

Adds new meaning to “The Shocker”


crap, there’s a few of these puppies

yeah screw that. I’m just gonna do shots instead.

oh no… there’s a bunch of 'em…

i will be afraid to wake up

Guess u have a boss like mine…hmmm…perhaps mine needs one?
Nah…$3.99 is a bit much lmao!

I wasn’t up all night…I went to sleep. Unfortunately, when I woke up, my stove was still broken and I had to ask my husband not to get that .45 I’ve been coveting for my birthday. I’ll have to go stove shopping instead. Oh, joy.

I’ve been feeding my family with a crockpot, microwave, electric frying pan and a blender. Breakfast margaritas seem like a good idea <sigh>

Make your first Woot purchase already!!

Well actually I meant…nvm. Sure. >.> has a feeling she may regret this

wtf?? fuck this