Shock Alarm Clock

bring on the pole dancers

Power to the people ../

Well that would really take away from morning chicken choking :frowning:

This SUCKS. Waiting waiting waitng for this POS ? Ugh.

i’m all for breakfast margs… stuck at work for another three hours or so then i’m in.

suck about the stove though.

cant believe its a freakin woot off and i have to go to bed!!! Argh

has a feeling your feeling might be right…but what the hey

Oh I think you’ll enjoy steveo…wait and see!

How many of these are up for sale? how do you find out?


me personally…I’d get the .45…certain higher ups wont ban cook stoves!! You checked prices lately??? EVERYTHING going through the roof!!

Or make it better than you could EVER IMAGINE!!!

buy 3…

OMG, what kind of freakin; retired executioner invented this thang? I’d be too nervous to sleep the night before, just like a prisoner before the day of being electrocuted.

I don’t dislike anyone enough to give them this…

If it only had radio that would scream at you I would be in for 3. :slight_smile:

LOL…Just what I was wondering…

Btw, nice call on the 20 blenders!

sarcams is hard to sense on texts…but ohh i felt that one

I’m really hungry now… What AZ wooter wants me to take them out to breakfast?