Sierra Modern Home Smart Wi-Fi Oil Diffuser

Sierra Modern Home Smart Wi-Fi Oil Diffuser

Buyer beware. I own 3 of these and have given out another 4. These use the Smart Life app (didn’t see it mentioned anywhere) which has nothing to do with SMH diffusers.

About 3 months ago, Smart Life updated their app and all these quit working. They only work on 2.4g as expected but you MUST be able to not only put your router in 2.4g mode but ALSO your phone in static 2.4g mode and keep it there.

Look at recent reviews. This was once great. Customer service no longer exists.

They will work manually with no timers.

BTW, They go on sale for $28 a lot

[MOD: Pls see note below about using TUYA app on IOS and Android]


Just a friendly reminder: if you are a cat owner, it’s important to know that aromatherapy/essential oils can be toxic to our feline friends!

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Be aware that some essential oils aren’t good for our canine friends. A quick google search will help in figuring out which aren’t safe. Cinnamon and clove are two of the big ones.

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Thank you for posting this, I clicked on this section to write just that.


And birds.

And fish.

Pets in general. Really more for the potential of knocking over and/or ingestion.

I Googled the fish one since that is what we have at the moment. What I found is the diffuser should not be placed right next to or over an aquarium and that is more to prevent water contamination due to spills or improper handling. In the same room at a distance should be fine. Tanks with lids would be better protected than those without. Even so a properly maintained aquarium with regular water changes shouldn’t have much oil buildup if any from the diffuser. There do not appear be any problems with any specific aromas, but apparently clove oil is used to sedate and euthanize fish, so there’s that.


What could possibly go wrong with inhaling random oils for long periods of time for no provable benefit? I’m sure that all of these shady companies will still be around and willing to fix everything once all of the long term health consequences are made clear.

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Next up, a Wifi+Alexa Enabled Himalayan Salt Tower.



I just confirmed with the vendor that these units use the TUYA app on IOS and Android. Previous models used the Smart Life app and had issues with Customer Service and therefore lower prices as that inventory was discounted.

So you confirmed that this company bailed on all those that bought their products previously and they ignored fixing the problems or supported their customers in every way.

NICE :ok_hand:

You can’t blame the guys that own the Smart Life app which works flawlessly for thousands of products and millions of users. It’s a diffuser problem. Needed a firmware update.

Found these articles interesting. Rethinking my practice of essential oil diffusing