SIG Sauer CP1 Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope

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SIG Sauer CP1 Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope
Price: $94.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 05 to Friday, Feb 06) + transit
Condition: New


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Just be aware of the relatively short eye relief of this model. The manual lists it at 5.9", but from personal experience that’s the extreme end of it. More realistically you will have to keep your eye 4-5" max from the optic before you start losing the picture.

and 4-5" is still a heck of a lot better than my 4x trijicon ACOG which is only 1.5" of short eye relief (distance from eyepiece to eyeball)


SIG Sauer CP1 Compact Prismatic Rifle Scope - Price Comparisons

WOOT = $94.99 + $5 S&H = $99.99 Total

Amazon = $136.50 + Ships Free = $136.50 Total

EBay = $138.99 + Ships Free = $138.99 Total

Sportsman’s Guide = $179.99 (membership price, non-membership add $20) + $17.99 Shipping +.99 package protection = $198.97 (member) - $218.97 (non-member) Total

Woot beats the lowest price example from above by, $36.51. Of course I did not check every link in my web search but the above examples were how all links I did check were trending.

****** I own a couple Sig pistols and if they hold this optic to the same quality standards they have on their pistols, this would be a very fine optic at a very good price.

I love my p226 and p228, but sig optics are just rebranded chinese garbage

So…SigTac = Sig Sauer?

Got one off Woot last month. Definitely an entry level scope but it has a couple of nice features. The illuminated reticle makes up for the fineness of the basic unpowered black one. On a flat-top AR you’ll want a riser if you have the Milspec front sight in place. Seems to hold zero pretty well on a AR. Only had it for a month so no idea how well it will hold up but so far so good and it seems like a nice bit of basic glass for the price.

On the specs tab of the Woot listing it lists eye relief at 3.2".

In for one. Will be checking for cant, artifacts, etc. It DID sell out before … majority likes.

… and it sold out again!

Banking on the “better than NCStar or Barska” quote on Amazon.

Came today. Box was unopened/untouched; had not been a returned item.

Scope was NOT canted: perfect straight reticule.

Well built, bright clear optics; ideal for coyotes in low-medium light. Very happy. Actually. breathing sigh of relief after reading a few bad reviews. But they say, if you get a good one, you’re set. Got one!