Silhouette Curio Hobby Machine

Is the condition of this product new?

Per Woot Staff, the product is NEW

Thanks for the inquiry!

I have this machine and it’s really great! Only thing you need to know is that its cutting width is limited to 8.5". It ships with an 8.5" x 6" tray, and if you want to work on larger objects you can buy the 8.5" x 12" tray which costs about $45.

Compared to the Cameo, it does more things (stippling, embossing, thicker cutting) and has a twin tool carriage, so unless you work on large pieces it’s a good choice. It got a lot of poor reviews mostly because they shipped before all the tools were ready, and the training material is insufficient.

Bottom line: great machine, limited to 8.5" x 12" (with optional large tray purchase), extra capabilities (not all yet available). Enjoy.