SimpliSafe 10-Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe 10-Piece Wireless Home Security System

Can cameras be added to this system

Yes, they support cameras. This is the old generation system, they came up with new hardware that’s much nicer but is completely incompatible. Great price for the system, but if you’re planning on paying for monitoring, you’re better off getting Ring. You’ll pay a little more upfront (a comparable system is about $200, $160 when on sale) but monitoring is so much cheaper ($100/year compared to more than double with Simplisafe) that it pays for the difference in the first year.
I own both systems (Simplisafe and Ring). Ring wins on looks, monitoring costs and app quality.
Note that battery life for the sensors is excellent on both systems.
A friend of mine bought a Scout system instead because the sensors were less ugly, and he’s looking to get rid of it because the sensor batteries barely last a month. Even though Scout sends you free batteries, it’s too much of a hassle. He will probably get Ring instead.


Is there an app that I can use to interface with the system and cameras?

Yes… The Simplisafe app. If you look on the App Store there are screenshots. Or look on Simplisafe’s web site. Note that the monitoring plan is required for the cameras.
Considering the cost of the monitoring plan, Ring is a much better value, leading to considerable savings over time.

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