SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack

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SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Pack
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TONS of pretty very reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Comments/Discussion from a previous sale


My dad and my brother each has this system and they both like it very much. Great design, easy installation, easy to use. I would bought one myself if I don’t already have an alarm system at home.

Got this the last time it was up. It’s stupid easy to configure and I had my system registered and running in about 10 minutes.

The wireless base station uses T-Mobile’s cell service, so it may cause you a bit of trouble if you’re in area that doesn’t have good coverage. Just about the only thing I can warn about with this system.

Oh right, the base station alarm is loud and you can get extra alarm horns if you have a bigger house.

I’d assume similar to the Lowe’s IRIS system that we have and like very much!! :slight_smile:

The volume is adjustable, so if you want it loud, it is. I know when I installed a system in my empty rental unit, it saved me a lot of money. Place was broken into twice by scrappers after copper. Alarm sounded, police were there and all I had to do was minor repairs.
Thanks SimpliSafe.

After I sold the property, the alarm is in my home.

Does this use wireless service to contact when the alarm is triggered?

Yes, it runs off either the T Mobile or Verizon networks (TMobile by default). It is independent of any service you may already have.

it has a phone jack on it but I don’t have a home phone. Do I need one for this to work?

The systems seem to ship with TMobile cell modules by default, but a Verizon module is available for free to swap it out if you have bad TMobile reception in your area. You can also connect a landline as a backup to the cell connection. And if you don’t have a landline, you can purchase a broadband adapter for the base to use as a backup that will function like VoIP.

I highly recommend the extra 105db siren. The base may be loud inside, but you wont hear it outside unless it’s right outside a door or window. Get the extra siren and mount it out of site on a porch or under an eve.

Basic monitoring is $14.99/month, no contract, and you can upgrade/downgrade whenever you want (I upgrade to the interactive plan while on vacation so I can have remote access to the system should something happen while a relative is looking after the house, then downgrade when I get home). Check with your insurance agent for a discount on a monitored home alarm system. I got 5% for burglary and 5% for fire monitoring. 10% off annual on my homeowners insurance pays for most of my monthly monitoring fee.

This is a great system for small home. Very flexible and affordable. It took a bit to get mine set up (there was no T Mobile service in my area) and each time I called, the customer service was incredibly helpful and professional.

Most importantly is the fact the system is monitored by a real, responsive monitoring company. If the alarm is tripped (whether by a test signal, accident, or real break in) the monitoring center is on your line within seconds.

I highly recommend adding the smoke and CO2 sensors. You can add these (and additional sensors) quite easily at very reasonable costs directly from SimpliSafe.

I bought this last time it was on Woot. It is definitely very easy to install. If you’re using a Mac, you may have to use Firefox to run the setup program – it would not work for me in either Chrome or Safari.

Setup out of the way … the motion sensor is pretty terrible. No matter where we set it downstairs, it would trigger for no reason. We have cats, but they aren’t the size of people, and they have no way of getting close to the sensor. Our first day with live monitoring, I got a call about 20 minutes after I left home saying the motion sensor was triggered. Tried a different place the next day, same thing.

So now we have it stationed upstairs over our bedroom door to monitor the hallway, with no motion sensor downstairs. We don’t actually have it reporting to the call center, just sending us a text if it’s triggered. No texts so far, so I’m not sure why it was so sensitive downstairs. Still leery about having it set to report to the call center though, so we haven’t flipped that switch for the motion sensor yet.

One of the entry sensors got stuck in the “open” status and we couldn’t arm the system. Some research showed the resolution was to delete the sensor and then add it back in the dashboard. That only happened once though.

So, it’s not perfect, but it probably has the same issues an ADT or Brinks system would have. I’m going to stick with it and grab another motion sensor for downstairs (fingers crossed that it works properly), and a couple of smoke alarms.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor with the switch under the battery (H/M/L, default should be the middle position). You can also mount the motion sensoro upside down so it “looks” straight out and up. This may help with pets, but make sure it’s mounted low enough that it will also detect a person walking around. And it wont do much good if there is a shelf or furniture in front of it that the pets can still get on and be in view of the sensor. Most false alarms I read about on the SimpliSafe forums are from people with indoor pets.

The system will still let you arm the alarm with a sensor open. It will give you a warning and notification on the keypad that a “door or window” is open. Some don’t like it, but it’s also part of being able to set the alarm to Home mode and leave (like I do when I leave for work before the rest of my family is up).

Yeah, sorry, I should have clarified that it would arm, but it would basically render the sensor on the “open” door useless, since it wasn’t really open.

We put the motion sensor up high, no shelf in sight or anything that would let an animal near it. My understanding is that it detects the size of a heat pattern, and if an animal gets right up on it, it thinks it’s human-sized and triggers, but unless our cats have learned to stand on each other’s shoulders, I just can’t see how it happens in our place.

Since it seems to be working OK upstairs, I’m game to try it again, maybe putting it in as remote an area of the room as possible and lowering the sensitivity more. I just think if you’re going to say your sensors won’t detect pets under a certain weight, it shouldn’t detect those pets. False alarms make you lose confidence in a system.

Other than the motion sensor, I am very happy with the system. I like that the base station isn’t tied to a phone or broadband, I like the online dashboard and the mobile app, they do a ton of things right. And the monitoring price is extremely reasonable.

I’d still recommend, just not thrilled with the motion sensors.

I’ve never had a false alarm with mine.

More than pleased with my system. Easy to install and use.

Adding my list of Pros and Cons:

-Cost: this package is a discount off a comparable package directly from Simplisafe. The monthly monitoring cost is as low as $14.95 a month with no contract. You can even go without a monthly fee if you simply want an audible alarm. You may also save on your Homeowners/Renters insurance.

-Monitoring: SimpliSafe contracts with a responsive, reliable monitoring company.

-Setup: quite easy. The sensors come pre-programmed and attach quickly with adhesive tape or screws. You can easily purchase and add sensors to your needs.

-Components: Motion sensors, door/window sensors, CO2, smoke, water, glass breakage, and temperature sensors , keypads, and remote activation keyword are available.

-Wiresles: the components are all wireless allowing you flexibility and ease of installation. Communication with the monitoring center is via cellular connection, protecting against cut/downed phone or broadband lines. Phone backup (built in jack) and a broadband option (at a cost) are available. Most components run off AA or watch batteries and warn of low battery situations. The base station keeps battery-backup charged in the event of a power outage or disconnection.

-Flexibility: the system can be relocated to another property should you move. Additionally, you can add sensors (if close within range) to outside structures on your property such as sheds, trailers, garages. Sensors can be added to items such as gun closets or medicine cabinets. You can choose alert-only options (such as for a medicine cabinet) or instant trigger (eliminates the delay) on a per-sensor basis.

-Fire/CO2/Freeze/Flood Monitoring: if these components are added, they are monitored as part of all pricing tiers.

-Remote access: available at a higher cost, you can monitor, configure, and control the system with your SmartPhone or website.

-Customer Service: excellent friendly service by phone or email. Many issues can be resolved instantly. Email and website support forums have most answers available.

-Cost: unless you live in a very small home with limited entry point, you will need to purchase additional sensors. To utilize remote monitoring features and alerts, the costs increase to up to $24.99/month.

-Monitoring: the system is proprietary. Should you be dissatisfied with their provider, you cannot activate with another monitoring service. Should SimpliSafe go out of business, you may be left with a useless system.

-Setup: professional installation, if you so desire, is not an option. The sensors are a bit bulkier and visible than a wired alarm.

-Components: the glass breakage and motion sensors can be problematic for people with pets. There is presently no camera integration. You will be replacing batteries periodically for the life of the system.

-Wireless: if an individual component goes dead or the system looses cellular connectivity, you are left vulnerable. Remote areas without a T-Mobile or Verizon signal may find this system of no use.

-Remote access: available at additional cost, the website and app are functional but clunky.

-Flexibility: there is no integration with Home Automation systems such as Wink or SmartThings.

Smash and Grab: if a their locates and destroys the base station before it sends a signal, the breakin will go unrecorded. It is probably best to put the base station where it is secure but still receives a signal, while adding the external 105 dB siren.

Customer Service: only available by phone until 6 EST. email and forum support available 24/7.

Hence the jack for a landline or the available broadband adapter. The cell connection is always tried first before either backup is attempted.
As for wireless sensors- my brother-in-law got an ADT system just before I got my SS system, and his uses wireless sensors that are nearly the same size as my sensors. His entry sensors are more squared off like rectangular blocks. So other companies are either switching over for ease of install, or at least offering the wireless type as an option.
Monitoring is still WAY less at any level for what you get.