Sistema Microwave Essentials

The only one I haven’t tried is the rice steamer, have bought at least one of all of these. I am bit careful with the tomato/staining materials, but no staining so far. Lids fit pretty well, the venting is good, I don’t use the steaming function much (but when I have, it has worked well, not very tall, but did keep the fluids away), put the tray aside when using it as microwave cookware (like for pasta). The Soup mug works well. These don’t feel cheap or flimsy to me, but not real thick–does have a bit of give, particularly the steamer tray. I pretty much have stopped using my non-BPA/non-silicone cookware for the microwave, and use this, ceramic, and about to try lekue silicone cookware (I bought on clearance at a local store). The prices here are the same I bought at woot before except the largest steamer is a dollar cheaper now.

For the benefit of any still waiting, mine finally arrived today.