Sit-Stand Adjustable Fold-Away Desk

Sit-Stand Adjustable Fold-Away Desk

Does this stand lock in place into certain pre-selected positions or at any height we want?

Looks like this one on the mothership, which is rated at 3.8/5.0 with 29 reviews.

What’s the weight limit on this thing? My laptop and a few monitors is about 50 lbs. My wife is about 150lbs. I’m about 250. Asking for a friend.


My husband uses this while standing and he likes it. The only way it can be used while sitting is if you take the wheels off. Otherwise, it’s too high.


31.7" does seem a little high, by ~2". But couldn’t that be resolved by raising the chair a couple of inches? (most if not all office chairs are height-adjustable).
This seems flimsy though. Is it stable, no shaking a all while typing?

Answers to Questions (too late) :\

• Preselected position: total 6 positions
• Desktop weight capacity: 80 lbs. 40 lbs

Update: 40 lbs, not 80 lbs

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It is stable even on wheels. He does not use it for a computer. He uses it for his hobby.

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No, sitting higher won’t help. I was so excited about this desk but now I’m either going to sell it or return it. It is too high even with two cushions on my chair end it is very heavy trying to roll it. So taking the wheels off will make it worse to try to move.

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