Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair

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Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair
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Doesn’t the back support defeat the purpose of this product and is reduced to an uncomfortable chair?

You are exactly correct. I can’t honestly think of a single reason to buy this.

Was reading amazon reviews, they said the instructions say to only use the back support when doing exercies/stretches with the ball.

4.2 Stars at Overstock

I have a similar (but not this brand) style fixed balance ball chair I have been using off and on for years, and I love it! I have found the back support barely touches my back if I am sitting properly; I use it more as a guide to keep the chair from moving out from under me when I sit down. One warning: when you first get this chair, don’t plan to sit in it for extended periods of time unless you have a very solid core. If you start to feel tired, or you find yourself leaning on the back, switch over to a standard chair. Your abs will thank-you!

Beat me to it. That’s what I came here to ask… confuses me.

A coworker got this and really likes it. I can see how it helps with the traditional desk chair “slump”.

I can’t speak for the chairs; but I’ve been sitting on a 75cm Gold’s Gym Stayball for years. I lock myself in place with my calves, and when I’m feeling lazy will sit on the floor with my back against the ball (held in place by another object behind it). I don’t believe such products can necessarily replace a nice reclining chair for more hands-free recreational uses (although I admit I don’t have one for lack of space); but for working, browsing, or gaming, I won’t sit on anything else.

A Ball Chair and a Big Ass Ball Chair. Ummm. Pass

The Asteroid Test is one of the best (funniest) Woot writings this year. It was a “gotcha” switchoff from the 1st entry which seemed plausible … Great job and Thanks!

The horrible consequences of swallowing your gum.

Seeing this for the 1st time - I am at a loss for words. The only thing missing is a rounded cylindrical protrusion from the middle with a massage feature.

Someone at work has one & when I tried it my feet didn’t touch the floor (I’m 5’2").

I also fell off of it, well more like kinda rolled off it, so I know I’m not a ballchair kinda person.

These chair actually provide a valuable service and I think the seller missed the selling point.

It has been proven that children that suffer from ADHD actually retain more information when they are allowed to shift, fidget and move (not sit still) in their chair.

These ball chairs have proven to do wonders for not only children that suffer from ADHD but also other sensory processing disorders.

Here are some links.

Does anyone know what the weight limit is on this? I’m 6’5" | 300lb and I don’t want to have one of those exploding exercise ball moments that you see on FailArmy or AFV!


I was going to make a Dwight Schrute comment about this product but there appears to be too many people who take this product very seriously.

Oh well, if you decide to buy one, please keep it at home. It is difficult for some of us to take people seriously when they have one of these at work.

As an IT guy who has to come sit at your desk to uninstall whatever toolbar/virus/coupon printing program you happen to have installed, I wish you the curse of a thousand pox if you purchase this contraption.