Sketchbook Mendocino Cab Sauvignon (5)

Sketchbook Mendocino County Cabernet Sauvignon 5-Pack
Sold by: Mendocino Wine Group
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2014 Sketchbook Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino County

Our Sketchbook Cabernet Sauvignon is plush, dark in color, and wonderfully extracted producing a nose a black currant and red pepper flake with flavors of dark black cherry and sandalwood.

How does this compare with the 2013 we’ve had on woot previously?

If I remember correctly, I was going to pass on the previous offer but I saw that it was aged in part in redwood casks which - though typically looked down on from what I’ve read - I had to try.

We enjoyed the 2013. Nothing earth shattering but as a daily drinker it was good.

This vintage is very similar to the 2013 vintage. A great every day wine.

Similar is a great descriptor but I’m sure there are differences in the two vintages. Can you expand on that thought? What 2013 vs 2014 brought to you in this wine? Thanks!

No offense but your comments on many of your offerings here tend to be generic, not wine specific.


Have even noticed reviews you offer up here are not for the current woot offer for sale as in the zig zag zin.

Just an observation