Sky Fishing

The man with the pole is soon going to realize his flying fantasy will come true.

Love this one. Takes me to a really peaceful place.

Woot knows their music. I thought of Gorillaz before reading the description.

In for one. I love the design and, I love to see Utah represented

In for one, I love patrickspens :slight_smile:

What a relief. This was far and away my favorite design from the fog. Congrats Patrick.

No silly, it’s a veteran of the Royal Air Force and served in Operation Cat Drop. Next stop Borneo.

Lovely, peaceful design. Congrats PatrickPens.

drifting, soothing (no falling)

Reminds me of the Windfish in Link’s Awakening.

Something light.

Too bad its on Cream. They should change the name of this color to “baby flesh”. Because thats what it looks like. I look like I’m naked with a awesome tattoo when I wear my cream tee. eww.

Totally Miyazaki. The little kitty makes this shirt a win. If only it was reaching for a tiny cheezburger…

Come on now. There’s a bit too much hyperbole about t-shirt colors 'round these parts. Cream isn’t that bad at all. Nor is white. Nor is asphalt. Nor is lemon.

Heather Gray, I suppose I could do without for the most part.

Cats like to drink cream ;D

The owner is probably going to have a supply of fishburgers to last some time, at the very least.

It’s very reminiscent of Noodle’s windmill in Feel Good Inc. and El Manana

Count me in as another who’s disappointed in the color - love the design, but cream is way too close to my skin tone. Ah well.

Haha yeah, and look at his house too. I guess he is a giant!

That’s totally me sitting there.