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**Item: **Slime Tire Inflator - Your Choice
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New

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8/6/2013 - $21.99-34.99 - 34 comment(s)

Some reviews for the Slime COMP06 Pro Power at Walmart answers the question “how much slime do I need?”

Take note regarding the COMP06 Pro: 15 amp fuse required.

Check your owner’s manual first - not every vehicle has a 12V power outlet that’s rated for 15 amps, so the bigger pump may not be the better choice here.

Interestingly, the manual for the smaller COMP05 also stipulates: For use with 12-volt DC power outlets rated 15 amps or higher. Do not use with older 8 amp
cigarette lighter receptacles.


Let me know in the morning which one to buy.

I can’t comment on the compressors, but slime itself is the best thing ever for bike tyres.

When I was a starvin’ student, I used to bike to and from Uni, which was a 30-mile round trip. All but a tiny fraction of a mile of the journey was on dedicated bike paths, but being Glasgow, a fair bit of it was also covered in broken glass.

I used to get punctures every other week until I discovered slime. After dumping it into my inner tubes, I would still get punctures; the only difference was that I wouldn’t notice them until I did my checks at the weekend.

Great stuff.

Is it ok if ones car has a 20 amp fuse ???

I have several racing bikes, but they have skinny Presta valves not Scheider (car tire) valves. Will this pump still work on these kind of valves?

Any car, truck, SUV whatever made in the past 10 years should be able to run this pump from the 12V power outlet. If you’re not sure, just get the smaller one.

The product Slime itself, which is a green water based goo in a bottle, is very good. It can be used as a temporary repair for an auto tire and will keep the tire sealed long enough for you to get to a tire store and have a proper repair done. It is also great as a permanent repair for riding mower tires, tractor tires etc. I don’t have any experience with ATVs but I think it would be great for those. I carry a bottle of slime in my car along with one of the 12V air pumps. Yes, it might ruin the tire pressure monitor inside the tire, but I would rather pay $20 for a new TPM than sit stranded somewhere for two hours waiting for a flatbed to haul my car away, just because of a flat tire.
If you have runflat tires, you may not know that the tire is ruined by driving with no air in it. Sure, you can drive on the tire, that’s what it’s designed for. But the tire has to be replaced afterward. So even with runflats, you can save yourself $300 for a new tire by fixing a puncture instead of driving on it.

You can buy a little brass fitting that is an adapter to allow you to fill a Presta valve using a Schrader pump. However, your skinny little racing bike tire doesn’t need one of these pumps. A good quality hand pump (not the kind you carry on the bike, the stand up kind) will still be working 30 years from now and doesn’t need any electricity.

I have the larger Slime Inflator and another one that seems much the same, as well as a much less expensive Campbell Hausfield. I know that there is a 15 amp fuse in these inflators, and the cigarette lighter outlet in my vehicles has 20 amp fuses. Yet, just about every time I have used these, they have blown out my 20-amp fuses – three different vehicles. I finally solved the problem by buying an adapter that hooks directly up to my car battery and lets me run the inflators from there. Any idea why my car cigarette lighter outlet fuse would continue to burn out?

Good inflators, good price here on woot!

A good bike store can sell you an adapter. Same situatation with a gas station pump, right?

How long is the power cord on the smaller model?

I have one of these and just bought another. I paid $55 for mine at Wal-mart and it was worth every penny. At $35, this is a no brainer.

I really like the screw on connector and the gauge is accurate. I’ve never used the slime, but I have found my tire flat on occasion (I work at a manufacturing company) and this has gotten me home.

I have the smaller pump. I bought two. One for me and one for my wife. It takes about 5 minutes to pump up the tire on my car but its got an auto off switch when it reaches the desired pressure so I just start the pump and walk away.

The cord is long enough to plug into the car and reach all of the tires… its at least 6 feet long… maybe 8 feet.

Same thing under different brand name- RAD Sportz, is going got $30 free ship at Amazon. I brought one last year and it worked great.

I had an older model of the smaller pump and I must say it was a life saver on those slow leaks you don’t notice till its too late.