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I have a Slingbox, but it’s the Pro version and it’s the HD model. That’s what I would get. (On mine, I got it used on eBay for $100 and it came with the HD cables, which apparently cost the guy $80 additional.)

But this is a good one to get your feet wet on the concept.

I paid $30 additional at Slingbox of the Android software, so I get my cable TV on my T-Mobile Vibrant handset. It’s fantastic, to get cable TV on my cell phone.

Does this support the Roku box?

Product Website

By the way, there’s a lot of different models out there.

I would suggest researching these and determine if you want this version.

Also, Slingbox’s original concept was to play your home cable TV on any notebook PC, anywhere in the world where you can get a net connection.

Only recently Sling came out with software to also play cable TV on your cell phone. They have a Windows Mobile version, and Android.

I was very surprised that the software installed on my cell phone problem free and literally five minutes after downloading and installing it on my cell phone I was getting a cable TV on my phone.

The software interface is great too. From my T-Mobile Vibrant (Samsung Galaxy S) I can change the channels, tune in to premium channels (watching HBO on a 4" display is surreal and cool) and I can even save my favorite channels so I don’t gave to enter them every time.

Oh, you absolutely need a 3G signal on your phone, if you intend to go that route. When my phone switches to Edge (about 120k speed) the video freezes, is choppy or does not work at all.

But with 3G the video and audio is great.

Here is Sling Media’s page for cell phones:

Whats this just a different brand Roku?
Which one is better?
How about a Boku?

Oh no they didn’t…

IMHO Sling mobile pretty much killed cell phone TV by Sprint TV and MobiTV.

And FYI T-Mobile is coming out with some new phones next month. One of the programs that will come with the phone is T-Mobile TV. I don’t know if it will cost money, but I hear that it does include free programming.

So that’s interesting. It sort of conflicts with the HD2 that T-Mobile debuted in March 2010 that included MobiTV.

But MobiTV only had a couple live TV streams. It was mostly downloadable clips.

Sling Mobile is actual live TV. So if you want true live TV and not a bunch of clips, this Slingbox is the way you want to go.

This might be the previous woot, when sold refurbished with a new SlingLink TURBO 4-Port Powerline Bundle September 29, 2010:

or this one for $99.99 “recertified” June 24, 2009:

And of course, here’s the always-posted YouTube links, this time showing Slingbox playing on Android devices:

I had one of the original Slingboxes until just recently (it died), but I do want to offer a caveat:

These devices are highly dependent on your UPSTREAM data connection from your house. If you have ADSL be sure to check to see what your upstream is.

I have 384k upstream ADSL and it was watchable from outside the house, but not what I would call good quality. Would probably be a little better on a phone with the smaller screen.

Heed the recommended network bandwidth suggestion!

Some reviews:




FYI/FWIW: I purchased the Windows Mobile version over two years ago. Love it!

Only problem is that they say that the Android version isn’t guaranteed to work with my older, original Slingbox units. :frowning: At least they have an upgrade program where I can trade-up.

Oh yes they did

I bought one of the original Slingboxes about three years ago and have loved it, got completely spoiled to being able to watch my cable on my phone. Then Comcast made some changes which just took effect today and now I have to use a set-top digital box which means I have to have a newer model Slingbox, namely this model; the first one worked on cable coming straight out of the wall to a TV with nothing in between.

I call this fortuitous timing and I’m in for one. Can’t pass up the price, which is just a little more than half of the retail price on SlingMedia’s website.

I would like to access one of these devices from my home to watch your cable. Little help?


refurb froogled

Is there a device similar to this that will allow me to watch cable TV on all the TVs in my house from one cable box? I have TVs everywhere, but now I have to have cable boxes on every TV. Screw paying for that.

They’re completely different. The Roku doesn’t do anything you can’t already do on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop. It just lets you watch on TV instead of your monitor.

Whatever you use for your main TV signal – cable, satellite, DVR, etc. – this goes between that and the TV. It captures the signal and pumps it out both to your TV and to your router over Ethernet. Using the Sling software, you can watch your cable/satellite/DVR anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi or 3G (or better) signal.