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Has anyone used the Breville bread machine? I have an old Sunbeam that has been used at least weekly (often more) for the past 8 years but it is now on it’s last legs. Time for a new one and I’d like to step up to the Breville if it’s really that good.

The Breville grinder at one time needed a shim kit to get a proper fine grind for some espresso machines. Eventually Breville changed the design so the shim kit was not needed. Anyone know if this is the newer redesign that goes finer?

As is the case case with many kitchen appliances these days, chances are 99% that this is a Chinese unit sold under many names, perhaps the same as your venerable Sunbeam. BTW, been to Goodwill lately? They stack them up like cordwood and you can buy one (often used once) for $5.99. Might be a better choice.

I’d like to know as well. I cannot tell you how many burr grinders I’ve tried that just don’t quite grind fine enough.

I can appreciate the proper grind for the perfect cup of coffee or shot of espresso. I’m checkin’ on it.

Thanks, curious as to what you find out. I did a little research and it looks like machines after late 2011/early 2012 had the shim set already installed to do the finer grind. Some folks were satisfied with the upgrade, some still not. My understanding is although they don’t advertise, if you’re having problems with the finer grinds they will still send you the kit for free. All it is is a 4 different thickness washers that are easy to install. You simply remove the burrs both top and bottom, place the shim(s) under the bottom burr, and replace the burrs.

Interesting, nice of Breville to do that though. Our buyer is checking with our Breville vendor, but it won’t be til tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay.

UPDATE: Ours is the newer version. Hope that helps.

Got the grinder…we’ll see what happens. Some very nice features, and I don’t care what you spend everyone has trouble about something. My guess is I’ll upgrade one of these days, at least for espresso. From what I’m researching this can do really well for a lot of drip and pour over grinds, espresso maybe yes maybe no…going to give it a shot with a new Sylvia that I got at a rocking good price. Seems French Press may have troubles with the grind as well…but I’m trying to budget.

Any additional comments on the grinder from people who have one would be greatly appreciated. The amazon reviews show a lot of problems (and recent) with the machines jamming. I’m going to guess that whatever this problem is, is what why they are reconditioned, so probably worth a stab.

I have been on the verge of buying a Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder and I’m thinking this is probably an upgrade from that at nearly the same price.

I ran the brevile grinder right next to my baratza virtuoso, and I have given my virtuoso to my aunt/uncle. They appreciate having the top shelf brand, and being a reeeeasonable coffee snob, I appreciate getting great functional equipment that does the job at a decent price. It does grind small enough, and consistently enough for me to pull a good shot. Frankly the mechanics of the burr are functionally indestinguishable from the virtuoso. It does have modestly less range than the virtuoso, but not to any degree that actually impacts any bean I’ve come across, nor any brew method I’ve tried, including espresso shots. Side by side tests w/ a few dry process varieties, and I can say by far the most influential factors have more to do with the bean, the processing and the roast. Mine is probably a year old, and does daily duty. The features are geared to those not interested in weighing their dose out to the gram, and factoring in humidity. You have the option to get finicky, but the buttons are geared to set 'n forget type use, which, frankly, is what I value at 5:30am. If I were serving 100 shots a day, I’d have kept the virtuoso. But thankfully…I don’t have to. quite happy w/ the breville

Thanks for the update!

Can anyone tell if the toaster is white or stainless? I have the stainless one already (love it) but was looking for a second one.

The picture is definitely a white one.