Smartphone LensKit w/ 3 Lens + Microfiber Cloth - 3 Pack

Do these fit any smartphone? I also found these online and Groupon cheaper than this. Just saying.

$5.99 each on amazon.

I think they are universal yes. Do you have the link for the Groupon deal?

Here’s a link to A groupon deal. May be a different one but it is only $11.99 but also is only 1 pack versus 3.

This one is $8.99:

This appears to be impossible to use with a case on the phone. Does anyone have experience with this produce on an iphone in a case?

I have an iPhone 6S, my case has a fairly large opening around the back camera. This is the case I have. I think it would allow for lenses like these.

I bought the kit from Groupon, the Macro lens is useless, my iPhone6 can’t focus with it on.