Smith’s Edgeware Mandoline Slicer

Does it come with roast beef?

Band-Aids must be up next.

What a neat looking musical instrument!

i really want this but cannot seem to find any reviews. My current mandolin I love, but isnt as wootaroo as this one with all the neat slices!

Funny…because as awesome as the device is (and i bought mine here, i lacerated my index finger pretty deep whilst slicing some potatoes. Not a deep cut, but a deep slice.

It can dice an onion in seconds and a tomato…kick butt for salsa or pico de gallo

Lordy, I say this every time this item comes up. Just not worth it. Bought a $20 mandoline off of woot almost 2 years ago and it works great. Don’t spend 4x the amount

It works awesome…but watch you fingers. I bought this exact same one here at a woot off a few weeks ago. It can whip though a potato…an onion, a tomato…my finger

I think ure right. But I keep thinking, I use my mandolin more than anything in the kitchen… ah, but so much for it. back and forth…

I have to say that the edge ware slicer is the best one I have owned. Very sturdy, extremely sharp

how did the yellow bar drop? someone return one already?

In fairness, I’ve only owned the one, so I can’t compare. All I know is it works well after all this time and it cost me $20 including the shipping. A VERY brief browsing of amazon shows a ton of mandolines at inexpensive prices.

really? yeouch!

aren’t some mandolines supposed to be safer then others?

Am I the only one who only wants one to see if I can throw it like Xena and cut the heads off of solicitors? AI AI AI AI AI

well I decided not to get it. My rationale is that my current mandolin suits all my needs and that money can go on something else wootarific that I dont have.

Good thing bf is asleep, he would have me get it just because it looks like it could be something from Star Trek.

The bar has been going backwards this woot-off. At least, I think it is. It’s either that, or I really need another cup of coffee. >.>