Snack 4 Cheap

Sorry, Woot, but ya can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip…and ya can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

Wal-Mart is selling some of those Popcorners in cases (12 packs) for $18.49 - $19.71…plus free shipping on $45 orders…got ya beat, hon…

It’s kinda like those Unsimply Stiched socks — you can keep 'em forever while dropping the price by a whole buck, or you can look at your P&L, realize you’ve made your nut, and offload what’s left…

You know…how it used to be…

WHOA! Why is woot selling expired food???

Cheesy Jalapeno–> Expires 7/31/2013
Kettle Corn --> Expires 7/24/2013

Looks like the Sea Salt too, thanks for pointing this out. I’ll send an email to confirm whether this is a typo or not.

UPDATE The expiration dates were mistyped. They’re being temporarily removed until we can get the correct dates from the vendor tomorrow morning. Thanks again, for pointing this out!

UPDATE 2 This a new order of Popcorners. The expiration date for these are March 2014. Enjoy!

My wife says all the better items are sold out. Oh well, no need to check my cart.

I have had Butter, Sea Salt, Kettle, White Cheddar, and Cheezy Jalapeno…

Cheezy Jalapeno was easily my favorite.

I ordered - among other things - the Mud Pie in a Jar…a full day or two before it sold out.

Today, I get an email from Woot telling me that they can’t fill my order.

Hey, Woot, here’s a really good idea:

FILL THE ORDERS IN THE ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED. Don’t sit on your hands for a few days afterward and then say “oops.”

This is the second time in a couple of weeks this has happened - and in both instances, the product(s) remained on the website LONG after my order was placed.

the same thing happened to me. i had ordered the mud pie in a jar on 8/23 (friday). and that was the primary thing that i wanted; the other items in my order were just fluff to me.

i had also ordered three jars of the tomato basil soup. they arrived today w/one of the jars cracked. did anyone else have items that are glass enclosed damaged in shipping?

I’m sorry for the trouble. I’d suggest emailing Woot Member Services about the damaged jar. Be sure to include your order number and user ID for quicker service.

yep, a support case has been opened.

was just curious to know if others who might still be following this thread had the same issue.

I figured that’s what you were fishing for. :slight_smile: But I definitely wanted to make sure that your situation was resolved, too. Happy Labor Day!